2013 in Review

December 31 [Tue], 2013, 16:27 Original Post

2013 is coming to an end
So, i think it's a good time to look back at what happened in this 1 year.

Because many thing, photo at early 2013 isn't available, it is from around Album Release event, but please look at this.
Please do.

At February Red 9nine and Blue 9nine, then colorful release preparation was started in early 2013.

Red Blue 9nine, i still thinking about that live concept until now.
Also in that month was my first time sang the main theme for a movie .I'm really grateful to Star Driver.

Then, March is so hard, the schedule is so packed.
with TGS and going tour around was there too?

All of that, then 9nine first overseas, start of the tour, the first half (of 2013) was like this

I wonder are everyone spend time together with 9nine at around this time?

2016-04-27 19:42:49 Original Post <!--more--> このあいだ、 For the meantime, レプロアスター所属の小学5.6年生とダンスレッスンをしました I was doing dance lesson
This is a translation of Full Chorus just the Hirona part, there is still a
2015-12-31 14:58:56 Original post 2015年も本日で終わりですね 2015 will be ended today. 今年は This year ライブをたくさん、ほんとにたくさんさせていただいた年でしたね There
2015-10-13 00:19:18 Original Post 村田コレクションズ Murata Collections なんてノーマルなタイトルなんだろうか… Somehow it feels like a normal title..
2015-09-20 19:29:48 Original Post こんにちは Hello ブログも頑張れとの声をいただきましたので、 Since i've received a good luck voice from

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