2013 New Year Dream Came True (Sakurai Minami)

2015-04-25 09:04:02 Original Post

I’m sorry for not update at all recently,,

Then, let’s go directly to the main topic!

I want to inform about my work after a long time


At 1 May, from 16:00 to 17:00, in basement floor of JP Tower, KITTE Marunouchi, i’ll do a talkshow!

The theme is “Love and Letter”


Love letter??

2014-12-31 20:37:34 ついに大晦日。 Finally, the New Year's eve has coming. 色々あったなー今年は There are many things
2014-07-25 16:45:20 今日は猛暑日で暑すぎますね(°_°) Today feels extremely hot 暑いの苦手な私にとっては地獄... It feels like a hell for a
2014-06-29 20:07:38 今日も撮影ですっ!Today is shooting too!朝は強い私ですが、この時間になってお腹いっぱいになると眠くなって...ZzzAltough i'm ok at the morning, but when the stomach
2014-06-19 16:13:01 みなさんお久しぶりです... Everyone, long time no see... ごめんなさい、全然ブログかけてなくて(T . T) I'm sorry, for not
2014-01-26 16:22:24 Original Post今日は久しぶりにジョギング! Today i was jogging again after a long time! 風が強くて寒いですっ The

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