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Diverting from mainstream J-Pop to full-scale dance music, What is the passion in this?
Since this year, 9nine has been pursuing a full-fledged dance music, and the release of "Magi9 Playland" was the culmination.About the changing music from their previous works, Their start position, about Budokan Live at 21 August, and about the mortifying feelings they have faced so far, We are interviewing Uki Satake, Nishiwaki Sayaka and Umika Kawashima.

It was the first album after about 1 year, there is a color change to strong music of dance, what triggered this?
Uki : It was from "Evolution no.9" that was released in June last year. From that song came a lot of fan who is at the same age as us, and they are coming to the live. That is the trigger, we're thinking whether it is better for 9nine to go with that kind of music, Members and also staffs aware of this. As it has been at the mainstream J-pop until now to get a wide range of age groups listener, but now among the beating dance tune, we began to pursue our own music.

With that kind of complete change, Was the recording became difficult?
Sayaka : This time, it's more than "What we want to sing", we're become more aware with "What you want to hear", that sense was smooth. Until now, the song and the tone was a separate sense. We're singing to match the tone. But this time, the tone arrangements is changed everytime at the recording studio, the staff keeps improving the arrangements until the last minute. We are also, can pick our own wording of the lyrics, so we will be more motivated.

"Yourself-ish" lyrics, there maybe a lot, but what is your favourite?
Uki : I think it's common for any song, but i think everything is good. For example at "Forget-U-Not", i'm starting from the lyrics of "Sayonara", for a moment i think it's a negative words, but in the end i think of it positively. And i think it's the song that gives me such strength. How to interpret a song maybe different at first, but at the end there is no reason there will be no common point.

Umika : I like the playful lyrics of "Love Vampire". Even when singing, i let go my own small devil. Dance with choreography that conscious of Vampire, also i think that this song will spread wide in the performance-side.

Among a song with a large energy, there is also a cute song isn't it?
Umika : Maybe there is a little cute base. we want to create something that very us. We want to show a whole bunch cool part of 9nine but, Among the EDM music, we put out a lot of variation, so you won't get bored with the album.

With that kind of song, i feel the width of the album is very wide. What do you think?
Sayaka : From the first time i heard it, i like "Algorithm+Love". This time, i'm going to the recording with the assumption that the sound will change, just to "Algorithm+Love" i'm saying "It's great" from the first time. I genuinely like the lyrics. There are a lot of difficult words, but until the end it take my mind.

Even with difficult words one after another, the last words  are "Kimi ga Suki", it is a simple conclusion, isn't it?
Sayaka : At first it's like arrangement of strange sound, I wonder if i'm gonna sing an unknown words? (lol) "Ah, like that!", something like that. I think that's a new world for 9nine. Usually easy to understand, but there was something positive that comes from something like that, and i'm happy you have noticed the charm like that. I wonder if we've growing among ourselves.

Maybe it's bad, but is it safe to say that 99% of the word is meaningless? (lol)
Sayaka : That's right. But for the sake of the last line, that 99% is there. Isn't that a nice way to put it?

The first track of the album "Re:", isn't that song has a "regret" theme. I'd think there is a connection between that and the current situation of 9nine, what is your feelings in this 1 year?
Uki : Re: isn't just limited to this 1 year. OZO-san said , that this song was made from it's 9 years feelings since the formation. 9 years, i think it isn't wasted, it's more like i wonder if we proceeded more quickly, there are a lot of frustrating part. But, now we have calmed down, so the live in Budokan in August 21 is a new start, that start was interpreted to the lyrics.

Are you having a talk with OZO-san?
Sayaka : Yes, a little.
Uki : About 2 hours.
Kawashima : It's about an hour for me but, when the lyrics came out, we often talking.There is part in my life that i regret, but i think it's pretty greedy. When failing, you'll be able to re-recognize your own feelings. At the time we're talking, i didn't really think about it, But by express it in song and doing it this way, i have been very grateful.

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