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With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD and Bluray!

November Last year's 9nine Live at Maihama Amphitheater “9 nine 2013 raivu `be! Be! Be! – Kimitomukouhe -" has been released in DVD and Blu-ray! With the video started and linked with a dance corner, the production was also significantly evolved from the live. Last month, these 2 Kansai-natives was not participating in launching interview of "Magi9 Playland", Yoshii Kanae and Murata Hirona will have a lot to explain. Including about the feelings of the Budokan Performance ahead.

November Last year's Live performance have been released in DVD. Even though it is 8 months ago, do you still remember?
Murata : I remember it clearly! Video linked dance, spinning stage, up and down, there were a lot of new challenge.
Yoshii : Stage is projecting before, and there was a condition where the audiences is in 360degree. Everyone was discussed to balancing the members to be seen from all position. We need to think how we are seen from the side too. But, live in a condition where you are surrounded by the audiences was very fun. Because you'll get a cheer even from the other side. It felt very good.

The first half is mostly cute songs, then continued with a beating dance music in the second half. What do you think after watching the DVD by yourself?
Kanae : It feels tense at first, It makes me think "Everyone seems stiff". But, gradually it seems we were enjoying it. When checking the video with the director, i think we started to grooving from the middle. At the encore, it was my first time riding the trolley, and when i'm looking at the pictures, i'm like "Wow! I've been doing a cool thing!".

When you're linking the dancing to the video is the live highlight.
Murata : I couldn't see the screen when i'm dancing, so i first saw it from the DVD. I'm surprised to be able to do it cleanly, i'm happy.

Eh, the screen is too huge that you can't use it in practice before?
Yoshii : Just the last rehearsal. We are just practice to the sound before. While using rough imagination for the video.
Murata : So at the last rehearsal, we are just practicing the video.
Yoshii : Even though the spot is hit, we are the one who chase the spot, I myself was moving to match the spot, the practice is so hard.

I see! Kanchan also became 100, wasn't it?
Yoshii : I said i wanna do something like Michael Jackson. (lol) The dance was also different for each one, maybe they even have their own personality.

Hiroro is the fastest one, isn't it?
Murata : I was dancing to match the wall looming from above
Yoshii : The dance is so cool, when the screen first go down, i'm awed.
Murata : When the screen started to go down, i started to dance by myself. I was nervous, wondering if it will go down properly, and it was success, i'm relieved.

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