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At that time, do you know that the concert will be released as DVD?
Yoshii : I didn't think about that.
Murata : But i know there are a lot of cameras.
Yoshii : I think i'm not aware of that.

At 21st August you will have your Budokan Performance, what is the connection between that and the Maihama performance?
Yoshii : Until the Maihama, there are a lot of Tour, and attending various festivals, we were stacking the performance, and this Budokan live is the culmination of all of that.
Murata : Even though at that time there still no talk about Budokan, i think that live is the first time connecting us to Budokan.
Yoshii : There are a lot of new things, I think that will be the axis of our future performance. It also triggered our confidence.
Murata : That's right it gave us confidence. I heard from the direction of fans, "This was the best live until now.". But, i want to continue to leveling up my skill, I think i want to keep doing my best and be able to say, "That time was good, but this time is even better."

So, by watching DVD, it will increase the excitement for Budokan, won't it? New Album "Magi9 Playland" has been released, which song you keep listen towards Budokan performance?
Yoshii : I think "9uestions". The lyric is so girly, and that is the only medium tempo song.
Murata : For me it's "The Magi9al FES" From the first time i heard it, it increased my tension! Everyone swinging the towel together, that is one of the song that WOWed me. The interlude is amazing, the dance tune is very cool, It makes me want to dance.
Yoshii : The choreography is very cool, i want to dance it with everyone.
Murata : There are special hand movement, like hand waving and swinging the towel, it will makes you want to do that too.

Then, ask the audience to prepare a towel for Budokan.
Murata : I want to swing the towel with everyone.
Yoshii : maybe it will became the most energized song!

We have interviewed the other three, they said that Budokan is the start, how about you twohow do you feel about this Budokan performance?
Yoshii : I'm lived far away but there are people that want to go to the Budokan, aren't there? I think it's an amazing place, Family's support and friends, and for the fans that keep cheering us until Budokan, i want to say "Thank you~", I think this Budokan is also the culmination of 9nine, but i think it's also a start, from here "I want to go further" that kind of feeling, and it's also what connecting us between the past and the future.
Murata : I heard about Budokan at the end of November, and suddenly it's 1 month away. And how we spend this 1 month is the battlefield. We must concentrating our feeling. "First time live on Budokan" is once-in-a-lifetime chance, that's why i will give 100% for this performance.

Is there any anxiety?
Murata : There are many things that comes into mind, but to do it i must throw away all the anxiety!
Yoshii : I'm very nervous right now, that i will cry at the first song.
Murata : There?
Yoshii : I think there are a lot of positives from that. (lol)

Both of you joined at the same time, and also from Kansai, are you usually talking to each other?
Yoshii : Yes. There are also time when we are living in the same dormitories.
Murata : We have conversation in sofa, while eating Onigiri, aren't we? (lol)

What kind of conversation?
Yoshii : something like , "I have grown" (lol)
Murata : Kanchan is in highschool and i'm in middle school when the first time i came to Tokyo, so she is like my family in Tokyo. It's something like, "Let's grow up together". Because the other members said "Grow by yourself." (lol)

There must be a lot of happening, but is there anything special recently?
Murata : When i write twitter and blog for the first time, i'm thinking too much about beautiful sentence because i'm not good at conveying a feeling. I really want to convey my feelings properly to everyone. "What do you think about the 9nine right now?" that is the most effective one after all. This Budokan performance feelings will always be remembered and also the 9nine right now.

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