A few things.

I just want to write a piece of my mind, it’s been bugging me for a while, but i will put this here :

There are some of my works that being retranslated to another language, there is some that asked me first, and there is other that didn’t ask me first but put the credit, and there is the another that didn’t ask me and remove the credits.  I know that subtitle is in a grey area, since we didn’t have an actual right for that, but to create one isn’t an easy task, and since i’m not putting any ads or adfly or anything like that on this site, i’m not getting anything from this whole website and fansub things.

To read the comment of people thanking me or appreciating my work, i’m really really happy, and that makes me want to continue doing this things, but on the other side, we have demanding people that keep asking about the sub while i’m not owing them anything, and there is other who retranslate my work without even crediting me, that two kind people make me want to stop from this whole fansubbing things. There is also streaming site that using my subtitle, sure it is nice since it will reach broader audiences IF there is credit or link to this site.

I’m going to thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way : Key_arthur, Fuurara, day_en_ciel, crazykuroneko, f4rdiyan, MinN8, Fishpockets, Horikitty, Xanxus, Ais, KuvaKoichi, SpineyRequiem, and everyone at JUSTICE and Magi9Subs. They have been an awesome partner in my subbing career.

So, what i’m going to say is…. nothing. I can’t say nothing anyway, those who rip my subtitle will keep doing so, and those who encourage me, (i hope) will keep doing so, it won’t changed that easily. So, i’ll just laugh it off and let it flow.

Maybe i will put a post on how to give a proper credits that will benefit both of us. Thanks.

I know my english isn’t that good, but anyway, enjoy the translation.

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7 thoughts on “A few things.”

  1. I would like to clarify on behalf of the possible streaming site you’re talking about that all credit has been given to you and the site is always linked when the subject on the subtitles of Tofu Pro come up and credit has never been removed.
    I do however apologize for not clearing it with you int he first place that your subtitles would be used. That was irresponsible.

  2. Thanks a lot for your hardwork, i love your subs, i’m almost visit yours everyday to check if there is new subs, it will sad if you stop this subs, but thank you so much for this subs once more, im looking forward for your next sub, hope u keep healthy and may god always keep u in blessing 🙂

  3. I’m the one who asked for using your subtitle to translate them into Thai and I want to say thank you very much for your work. If you want me to do or fix anything please tell me.

  4. Big thanks again also from me for subbing this show. It seems that all good subbers at some point encounter people who start stealing their subs and forwarding them as their own, and no one seems to have found a solution. Don’t be disheartened, we know you and appreciate your work. And yes, you’re a good subber, better than most, so stop already with the “my english isn’t that good”. 🙂

  5. What’s stupid about these subtitle thieves is that in doing what they do and not giving thanks or credit, they ultimately discourage the subbers to bother continuing. Stupid parasites destroying themselves and the scene in the process.

    There’s a silent army out there who don’t do this and quietly enjoy and appreciate everything people like you do for the community. Don’t lose hope. We love you! Take all the time you want.

  6. I’m glad that you still keep subbing even after someone stole ur subs.. thank you so much and pls do take your time because we respect that your a person who have live.. thanks again

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