After-Story of BiS Journey

At July 8 2014, BiS (Brand New Idol Society) was disbanded at Yokohama Arena. Even though their intention is to hold a sold-out Budokan concert for their disbandment but they failed and hold a concert at Yokohama Arena , which is titled “BiS ni Nari Budokan” (Budokan a la BiS).

So, where are the members now after the disbandment? Here you go~

Yufu Terashima (Official Site)

Yufu Terashima who turned from Idol Group BiS to Solo, As a serious type idol, from an independent activity moving to major debut single.

She was on group until 26th May 2013. “Came from the old days. Serious Idol, Seriously Idol.” Yufu Terashima also known as Yufii has got a major debut as solo idol. She also got support from loose character. Juncho ni yufisuto (her fans name) is also growing.

Since departing from group, here is her achievement :

  • 20th September 2013, Ranked number 1 as Miss ID 2014. Also got Amaterasu Special Award.
  • 4 Singles (1 of them on major label) :
    • #Yufuraito (#ゆーふらいと) released 26th February 2013.
    • Campanula no Yuutsu released 6th August 2014.
    • Neko ni Naritai released 17th December 2014.
    • Fuhehehehehehehe Daisakusen released 20th May 2015. < Major Debut
  • 8th February 2015, at Shibuya WWW, 1st one man live.

BILLIE IDLE (Official Page)

Ex-BiS First Summer Uika and Hirono Nozomi led a 4-girl group BILLIE IDLE, produced by formed BiS manager Watanabe Junnosuke, the other two members are Momose Momo and Yasui Yuuhi. Idol group that has decided that the anarchy of being of Self-proclaimed “NOT IDOLS” is their path in Idol. They are currently looking for fan club members, their fans called “Idle Fella$”, with yearly fee of ¥7000. The idol that is “NOT IDOL , NOT KAWAII”, brings the freshness to the idol world with American graffiti style performance.

Since the formation, this is their work :

  • 1st Single : “Anarchy in the Music Scene” released on 1st March 2015.
  • 2nd Single : “Be My Boy” released on 1st April 2015
  • 1st Album : “IDLE GOSSIP” released on 1st April 2015 (+Bonus track for iTunes buyer)

Tentenko (Official Page)

After the group disbanded in July 2014, she declared to continue to work as a freelancer. Her first single “Good bye, Good Girl” has Pop Tune with 1980s techno song feel. The remix team is pelly clolo, NATURE DANGER GANG.

She is one of the ex-member who has the most diverse work, Singing and dancing, DJ, Writer, Model, Photographer, Video Directer. Her next move is unpredictable at all.

Pla2me (Official site) (Now changed to Period of Plastic 2 Mercy)

Associated with T-Pallete Records, the duo will released their second single. Unit that consisted of Kamiya Saki and Mari Mizuta (ex-Izukoneko)

At 1st June 2015, Mari Mizuta left the group because of a musical differences with Kamiya Saki and with the addition of another 4 girls, the group name changed to Period of Plastic 2 Mercy.

Here is the list of release by pla2me :

  • 1st single, “Plastic 2 Mercy” released on 30th September 2014.
  • 2nd Single “Unit” released on 6th January 2015.
  • 1st Album “Title TBA” released on 4th August 2015. (As POP)

LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN (Official Site)

Pour Lui, the leader and the founder of BiS formed a band with ex-BiS sound producer Kenta Matsukuma. But, Matsukuma withdrew from the group in November 2014. They continued on, and announced that their Concert of January 11 at the Shibuya Club Quattro would be their last as an indie band. They also stated that if the show sold out, they would move up to “The Next Step”, while if it didn’t, they would go on hiatus. The show sold out, and it was announced at the concert that they would be making their major label debut from Universal Japan in March. It was also announced that they would change their name to LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN.

This is their work as LUI FRONTiC :

  • 1st Mini Album : JAPONiCA! released on 19th February 2014
  • 2nd Mini Album : JAPONiCA!2 released on 20th August 2014
  • 1st Single : Ripumi released on 25 March 2015.

Maison Book Girl (Official site)

Maison Book Girl, “Bukuga” for short, is an idol group with 4 members. Megumi Koshouji is working with Izukoneko producer, Kenta Sakurai. In the official site, it is said that Megumi Koshouji was born on 4th May 2014, so she is still 1 year old.

Maison Book Girl has released 2 singles that is sold exclusively on live event.

  • 1st/2nd Single : White/Black released on 14th March 2015.


BiSH or Brand New Idol Shit, formed by BiS former manager, Watanabe Junnosuke. This group is billed as the successor of BiS. The group started with 5 members, but 1 of them withdrew before the debut. Their first album, Brand-new idol SHiT is produced by Matsuguma Kenta. With Watanabe Junnosuko intention to “Start BiS once again”, they really followed the path of BiS with grotesque and shocking pv. Emo-i Rock too.

This is their release :

  • 1st Album : Brand New Idol Shit released on 27th May 2015.
  • 1st Single : TBA released on 4th September 2015

DJ Megumi

“DJ MEGUMI’s BiS MiX” is a CD featuring a nonstop mix of BiS’ songs and ex-member Megumi Koshoji on the cover. While it is not unusual for idols to also DJ from time to time, do not be deceived by Koshoji’s cool visage! This CD is actually by hiyokochang, who is a DJ at Shibuya’s TRUMPROOM nightclub. This is not to say you shouldn’t buy it but, just know that it wasn’t “Megumon” who was behind the turntables during the creation of this mix CD. However, if you do pre-order it, there will be 1 of 6 randomly selected photo of Koshoji enclosed in the CD. (TGU)


That’s all, if there is something wrong or you have more information about BiS related work, don’t hestitate to tell on the comment section. Enjoy~

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