Announcement and answer

Here is some announcement, maybe you’ve read this somewhere, but i’ll just write it down here.

I officially dropped the Masshiro subtitle project for various reason, sorry for the inconvenience. And in this occassion, i want to say “Congratulations on your marriage, Horikita Maki, may the happiness be with you.

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From : KC , requesting Hagane no Onna season 1 and Deiri Kinshi no Onna

Hagane no Onna S1, maybe you can ask earthcolors that sub the 2nd season, but with this being said :

I'd be glad to but to my knowledge there are dvds available on the web with eng subs already, i think. 
it might be waste of energy for me knowing that someone could dvdrip it easily anyday and upload it here someday.

I might want to if i can get the raw, i want to watch Yoshida Riko.

Deiri Kinshi no Onna : I’m not interested, sorry.


Thanks for everyone who use and share the link to my website, and recommending my sub, i know my sub is still some way off perfect.

And for those who keep asking for password, i hope you understand how to get the password by now. Because while sharing the subtitle, i want to let you know about a certain cute idol that exist in this world. The password is usually the name of the idol in the photo plus something random from me, without space.

That’s all, thanks.

Hello everyone, i want to update my current situation : First of all, i won't
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With all the regret, i'm here to inform you that this site will be closing
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