Babyraids Interview at Nikkei Entertainment Magazine

Denchan : “I want to tell the fans that i sing [Koyomi no ue dewa]. I have mixed feelings when i can’t tell it. Now, i will release CD and i’m very happy.

Naosuke : “Before the announcement, i heard “This song was sung by Babyraids, right?” There was also fans who noticed it. Knowing that there are many people who supports us, i’m very happy to be able to release the CD”

Denchan : “Amachan’s image is strong song, i’ll try to make Babyraids’s Koyomi no ue like that.”

Manatsu : “We have done many activities until now. The most memorable is challenging Ayaman JAPAN, “Taiban(Battle of Bands) Event”. I won’t forget the training at Hyakudomairi temple.”

Naosuke : “I’m not crying during that training. We have promised each other between all member that no one will cry, and no one cry. I’m still train my physical strength and spirit everyday.”

Rioton : “We’re also distributing flyer and pocket tissue at AKB48 and Momoclo’s concert venue. I was nervous if they aren’t accepting it. But now, i’m happy when someone said “Aa, It’s Babyraids!”.

Naosuke : “Our street catchphrase is, we will always show our strength even if it’s away place.”

Denchan : “Our mentor, Idoling!!’s Kikuchi Ami-paisen(senpai) advice, “Your many live experience help your idol’s activity.” and held a free practice called “Toranomon Dojo”.

Manatsu : “After doing our raid(?), the fans of other idol came to the dojo “Because it’s worrisome”. I can realize the result.”

Rioton : “At live event, it’s important to caught the other idol’s fans heart, i try to keep that in mind when i’m singing.

Ricopin : “We got many advice from Kikuchi-senpai, some words that memorable, maybe everyone get it too. For example “At Talk show program, stare at MC’s face”, something like that. (lol) It’s very effective.”

Denchan : “We’re doing all of this with Budokan in mind! There is no member who thinks “Budokan concert is impossible”. Anyway thanks for all of your support.

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