Berryz Kobo Short Interview at Nikkan SPA!


Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret."

Berryz Kobo is a special Idol Group. With 11 years of activity, they're a veteran in Woman Idol business, but the oldest one Shimizu Saki is still 23 years old. Those elementary school girls, gradually grown into adult woman, and eventually be able to design their own life. Then those 7 came out with a conclusion, to go into "Indefinite Hiatus".

――About the hiatus, you said to various media it is because "Want to do something other than Berryz Kobo", but at the same time there is anxiety of "Didn't know world other than Idol".

Shimizu Saki : Eee, That's big. I'm already 23 years old, the oldest among here. But, when i heard the story from same-generation friends, there is a lot of "How is it?" moment. Like studying to enter university, or getting ready to become a working people. For example, when gathered with my friends from hometown, there is a lot of time i think, "Ah, the only one who doesn't understand this conversation is me." Even when writing survey, sometimes i feel lack of study, to begin with i don't even know how to use computer. Until now, i'm still typing on keyboard with 1 index finger, it feels embarrassing.

Sugaya Risako : Me too. I entered this world at 2nd grade of elementary school, that's why this is the only world i know. There is friend in my hometown that already married, there is also those who has become mother. Yet, i didn't even know how to do bank transfer. Tax, life insurance,… something like that, i don't know anything at all.

Miyabi Natsuyaki : Me too, after going to hiatus i want to travel overseas, but i don't even know how to get a tickets. I have my parent and staff to do it for me.

Tsugunaga Momoko : But i know how to use PASMO!

Tokunaga Chinami : Yeah, how to input cash into PASMO. Because i'm using train everyday.

Sugaya : But, you can't really do anything but rely on your parent. Until this year i'm still thinking what will happen with me if my parent isn't here. Will it be okay to be like this? Before as a Idol or entertainer, i'm a people and honestly that's make me anxious.

Yurina Kumai : That kind of thing may be a normal things to the girls at our age, but not for us. All of my friends have done part-time work, with hourly wage and daily wage, before being told by them, i didn't even know the meaning of those words. If you see it from the other's perspective, it seems nothing for us to be envy of, but in contrary we envy of a normal things.

Shimizu : But if we work hard now we might still be able to catch to it, we have that kind of positive think.

For the complete interview, read at "Edge People" part of Shukan SPA! that was published at 24 February 2015.


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