Bokutachi ga Yarimashita Eps 6 eng sub is here!!


It’s been a while, sorry for the long wait. Actually i’m very busy preparing a lot of things IRL, and decide to ask my friend’s help for the translation. But after some time, it seems there wasn’t any progress, so yesterday i decided to finish it myself. And here you go! But i won’t know when the next episode will be released, but i promise i’ll finish this drama.

This is another episode with a rollercoaster of emotion, but as Tobio’s mother said, “For every bad thing happens, there will be a happiness waiting on the end of it.” I hope happiness is waiting there in our life. lol

I hope you enjoy it, and if any of you want to help me translating this dorama, please contact me via twitter or facebook, any level of Japanese is ok!

And enjoy~

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Hello everyone, Finally i finished Bokutachi ga Yarimashita sub!! It's a bit late, but it
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6 thoughts on “Bokutachi ga Yarimashita Eps 6 eng sub is here!!”

  1. Thank you so much again for your hard work on this! I’ve been looking forward to this episode~! m(__)m I’ve just recently started studying Japanese formally so I can’t be of any help right now, but hope you can find someone else that can assist you here~! *A* Please take your time and don’t worry about the delay. Thank you!!

    1. i never study Japanese formally, so i’m sure you will be better in no time.

      Thanks for the support and good luck with your study.

    1. There is no video here, you need the find the video separately elsewhere, we just provide the subtitle file here.
      Once you have the video, you can download the subtitle file here and play it together.

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