Full Chorus #19 20150825 (9nine)

This is a translation of Full Chorus just the Hirona part, there is still a lot other, i’ll try to translate the whole show (and make it as a sub if i have a time) later. So here you go :

-Introduction of 9nine-

-Talking about the Tour/Budokan-

-Performance of Re:

-Talk about Hiroro

Becky : I heard that Murata can play guitar and drum, and also creating the choreography for 9nine song, D.N.A?

Hiro : Yes, that’s right.

Becky : Awesome, you can do a lot of things.

Hiro : I play guitar and drum as a hobby, but creating a choreography is my first time with that song. Before, i sometime creating a choreography to another artist song and dance it by myself. Then i asked the manager “let me try”, and he said ok. Then i made that choreography for 9nine.

Becky : You are a creator, you seems can do anything.

Hiro : no, no , no. It’s quite difficult. The difference with making it for myself is for 5 peoples, i need to think about the structure too. It was like a puzzle. For example, if this girl is in the center, how the other revolved around her, how everyone put in the center, there is a lot of things to think.

Becky : Something like formation. By the way how is the feel of that song?

Hiro : It has a feel that everyone is chasing something. Like looking everywhere, then running.

Charpon : Somehow it feels like Mario.

Kanae : Because there is a theme, it’s quite easy. Hiro is really cool.

Hiro : But, sometime everyone said “Isn’t it better to be like this?”, but anyhow this is the choreography that i thought and i want it like i thought, i was allowed to be like a teacher.

Becky : Is there any friction.

Hiro : Just a bit.

Becky : It’s something like “To make an awesome product.”?

Hiro : Yes.

-Talk about My Only One-

-My Only Performance-

2015-01-01 12:54:47 みーーーんなああああ!! Everyooooonnneee!カウントダウンLIVE、無事終わりましたよおおお!!The Countdown Live was over successfully!!大晦日を一緒に過ごしてくれた方、ニコ生視聴されてた方もありがとう。For those who spent the new year
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
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Tsunku♂Full-Scale Project! New Unit “NEXT YOU” Unveiled for the Budokan Drama

At 2016, Tsunku♂ and the team will produce drama with idol unit as the protagonist. The original work is novel titled “Budokan” by Asai Ryo. Tsunku♂ is responsible for the producing of the protagonist idol “NEXT YOU”.

The protagonist, NEXT YOU, will be played by the real idol produced by Tsunku, Juice=Juice. At 27th October, the press conference was held in Saitama’s Heaven Rock Shintoshin. Debuting the song written by Tsunku for NEXT YOU, titled Next is You!, this song scheduled to appear as the 3rd single of Next You in the drama.


During the filming and broadcasting period, they practiced as both Juice=Juice and Next You. Such as the live, handshake meeting, TV appearance, video delivery, it feels like they are really exist. With the cast that active as real idol and producer that is reminiscent, it is a drama that will show a realistic glimpse to the idol world. Fuji TV and SKY PerfecTV! will be work in partnership for this drama and has a lot of plan to make this more realistic.

Next You Self-introduction

  • Character name (chara age) / Real name (Real age)
  • Hidaka Aiko (17 years old) / Miyamoto Karin (16 years old) : “The only amateur here, but i won’t lose to anyone! Have learned to dance before able to walk. Born with singing voice, Born as an idol, I’m Hidaka Aiko!”
  • Dogakiuchi Aoi (17 years old) / Uemura Akari (16 years old) : “Next You’s Center! Always looks cool, but my heart is hot. I’m Dogakiuchi Aoi!”
  • Adachi Mayu (18 years old) / Takagi Sayuki (18 years old) : “The innocent tomboy girl in Next You! If you want to be energetic, get used to Dachimayu. I’m Dachimayu, Adachi Mayu!”
  • Sakamoto Hana (19 years old) / Tomoko Kanazawa (20 years old) : “Next You’s leader, Hana. Born as child actress,  have history of 12 years in this world. I’m Sakamoto Hana.
  • Tsurui Rurika (19 years old) / Yuka Miyazaki (21 years old) : “I’m older but i’m spoiled. Younger sister of Next You. I’m Tsururinko, Tsurui Rurika.”

<Interview to Juice=Juice>

How is your feeling about the drama?

Miyamoto : There will be a performance during the acting、I will do my best to immersed into the role. I’ve entered this idol world since i was a child but this Hidaka Aiko was became Idol as an amateur, even though it’s a different career with me, i want to play it with natural feel.
Uemura : This will be my first experience to play drama, there is still a lot of things that i didn’t know, but i’ll do my best. Please support me.
Takagi : Altough i’m so nervous at first. With the combined forces of 5 of Juice=Juice member, i’ll do my best so the name will be remembered.
Kanazawa : To be able to participate in this large-scale drama project, i’m really happy. Honestly, there are a feel of pressure and anxiety, but i want to go for the shooting with confidence by eliminating all the anxiety until the end.
Miyazaki : During the period of this drama, i became “Tsurui Rurika” rather than Yuka Miyazaki, and i want to live as Tsurui Rurika.

How is the comment from Tsunku?

Miyamoto : When i got the songs and lyrics, somehow my heart becomes warm and i relieved, the song felt so like Tsunku. I want to deliver the performance together with that thought.
Uemura : To be produced by Tsunku after a long time, i’m really happy. Since “Next is You” is filling my rock taste, i will do my best to sing it firmly.
Takagi : When i read the original work of Budokan, there was a number of scene that linked Juice=Juice and Next You. Through the next is you, to hear Tsunku’s comment, i’m more fired up for this drama.
Kanazawa : To be produced by Tsunku after a long time i’m really happy. The song Next is you isn’t just for Next you,it’s also for Juice=Juice, because there is a various feeling coming out, i want a lot of people to hear it.
Miyazaki : I’m very pleased that it will be produced by Tsunku. There was the comment of “Feels stupid” and it feels so like Tsunku. And as a Next You and also as Juice=Juice, i will burst out with all i got.

You played as an Idol in drama, as Next You. Do you have an image of what idols should be doing?

  • Miyamoto : The one who showed oneself dreams to the fan, i think that it is Idol.
  • Uemura : Singing and dancing, and doing anything with passion, with a perfect hairstyle and dress, with a lot of effort in the back, that is the idol image that i embrace.
  • Takagi : I felt when read the “Budokan” original work, i think it would be to cherish the switching on and off.
  • Kanazawa : With high awareness, while pursuing the beautiful performance, by firmly divided the private and idol activities that idol will be able to keep shining.
  • Miyazaki : The selection of hairstyle and fashion always conscious of the fan, such as is the ideal idol.

<Tsunku Comment>

Always thanks for your support, I’m Tsunku.

This time, i have been responsible to producing the 5-members group NEXT YOU for the drama Budokan.
There is also a song that NEXT YOU will sing in the drama, the song title is “Next is you!” and it will also become the theme song of this drama.
In the drama, it’s about a struggle of idol that didn’t sell well at the beginning, to convey the message of “The one who will rule next era is you!”, to those girl so the title is “NExt is You!”. That’s is the meaning behind the title.
The one who played NEXT YOU is also a 5-members idol group, Juice=Juice.
Those girls has actually performed live a lot of strong beat songs.
For the Juice=Juice, refrain from have a feeling of “The next one is you, right!?”, and do thing recklessly, i want the next era will be their own era.
With that said, because it is idol in drama, i have consulted with the drama producer in order to produce “Idol that easy-to-understand in drmaa”, like the costumes and props, also including the choreography that “Have that kind of stupid feeling”, so we can enjoy it together.
I have felt that it will penetrate the big time.
Everyone please enjoy it from various angles.

<Broadcast overview>

  • Title : Budoukan
  • Original Work : “Budokan” by Asai Ryo.
  • Fuji TV Broadcast date : 2016 Saturday Drama frame
  • BS SKY PerfecTV! (Sky Version) Broadcast date : Within one week from saturday drama broadcasting.
  • Episode : 8 Episodes
  • Shooting : Scheduled November-December 2015.
  • Starring : Juice=Juice
  • Production Copyright : Fuji TV SKY PerfecTV! Joint TV



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2015-04-26 22:52:15 Original Post Juice=Juiceの宮本佳林です! Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin here! 今日は幕張メッセで行われた Today at Makuhari Messe ニコニコ超会議の、
2015-04-25 22:00:59 Original Post Juice=Juiceの宮本佳林です! Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin Here! 今日は Today, 札幌のPENNY LANE24で At Sapporo

Stardom Korakuen 14 June 2015 Card Press Conference

Video Source


Stardom Galaxy Star 2015 (14 June 2015 at Korakuen Hall)

  • Kato Yu vs Hatsunohide Kamen
  • Hazuki Reo vs Thunder Rosa
  • Chelsea vs Melissa
  • Goddess of Stardom : Io Shirai&Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Starfire&Nicky Storm
  • World of Stardom : Kairi Hojo (c) vs Meiko Satomura (Sendai girls)

Stardom Galaxy Star 2015 (20 June 2015 at Shinkiba 1st Ring)

  • Wonder of Stardom : Io Shirai (c) vs Starfire

Press Conference

GM Fuka and Kairi Hojo greeting before Card announcement

Fuka : “Before card announcement GM and player representative will give a greeting. This time regarding Yoshiko retirement that led into confusion, we’re really sorry. Altough we’ve commited to do the best for both parties, it became like this.  At 14th (during Korakuen Hall) , Yoshiko want to say it by herself, i’m sorry if it makes you worried but, please wait for awhile for a moment. Please understand. And then about Koguma, she will miss the show because of family circumstance. We’ll announce more information later, please understand that.

Hojo : “Fuka-san has said it all but as player representative, this time in regards of Yoshiko matters a lot of fans, customer, and then for staff have give a lot of trouble, for all of the worries we apologize from the bottom of my heart. For Yoshiko, for Koguma, i’ve speak with Fuka-san, maybe there is not much i can do as player representative, to protect player harmony, and to connect player with the company, i’ll personally put more effort and thought as a player representative, i want to put all of my force. I still lack of the power but i’ll put more effort for everyone in the future, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I’m sorry.

Fuka “With that kind of feeling, we wanted to start facing and running forward with everyone, please give us your support.”

14 June 2015 Single Match : Kato Yu vs Hatsuhinode Kamen

_DSC1170Kato : “I’ll fight at Korakuen Hall again, against this Hatsuhinode Kamen. While i lost against Hinode-san. It has been 3 years since my debut, but i haven’t get my first victory in single match. But with the cross arm that i used a lot, i swear i’ll take hinode (to give up) with that crossarm. Last time when i lost the fight i think a lot, i’ve been studying whatever i can take from Hinode-san, i’m sure the day when i got my first victory is near. Thanks for you support.”

Hatsuhinode : “I won the last fight in Korakuen Hall against Kato but, of course this time too with Hinode move, there are still a lot of Hinode move that wasn’t shown last time, please look forward for it. Then at the venue i hope to be able to do Sunrise Cha cha with everyone. I’m looking forward for it.

Single Match : Hazuki Reo vs Thunder Rosa

_DSC1186Hazuki : “I’ve got a chance to fight Thunder Rosa in Korakuen Hall, that’s something that i always want. Soon it will be 1 year since my debut, i want to be more and more active!”

Rosa : “This chair, is bad, but it doesn’t matter. Korakuen Hall, can’t be helped but to looking forward for it. I get really excited because finally i can beat you, little girl. Since i got here, i saw your face and said “i want to wrestle you”, and finally i can beat you one-on-one. Note this, she is seventeen but i’m gonna beat her. see you at Korakuen Hall, and i hope that pink hair will fall. Oedo-tai, number one. Thanks everyone.”

Special Single Match : Chelsea vs Melissa

_DSC1195*Melissa wil competed from 14 June Korakuen until 26 July Korakuen

Chelsea : “Hi, Stardom fans. 14 June at Korakuen Hall will be my third time. It’s unbelieveable thing, i’m so excited. I’m going up against Melissa and she is very popular here in Japan and also in United States. She is called Future Legend, so it’s an incredible opportunity for me to be able to fight one-on-one against her. She is the one who recommended me to come to Japan. So i want to repay her by beating her to show how much i’ve grown. I want this match to be the best match of the night. Please support me, thank you. I want to give CHELSEA to you.”

Goddess of Stardom : Io Shirai&Iwatani Mayu (c) vs Starfire&Nikki Storm

_DSC1213Iwatani : “Thunder Rock will make it’s first step to make the most title defense record of Goddess of Stardom. Altough it still a long way, Starfire and Nikki Storm are formidable enemy, but right now there is nothing feared by Thunder Rock. Io-san, fly! Wreak a havoc! First defense, let’s win!

Io : “Yosh!”

Iwatani : “Yosh!”

Io : “Stardom Ace, coming from the heaven, I’m Io Shirai. Right now Thunder Rock is goddess of Stardom champion but, actually right now, Iwatani Mayu is going on a good momentum, the condition is good.”

Iwatani : “My condition is good!”

Io : “The condition is good. We just came back from Mexico trip, even when in there Mayu and me too are in a good condition, we have grown dramatically, i’ve watching mayu’s growth and it’s really dramatic. So we created a tag team called Thunder Rock. This time will be the first defense of the title against Nikki Storm and Starfire, even though they’re formidable, there is no way we will lose. We’ll tell you the severity of Japan Stardom, Prepare for that!”

Fire : “Io, Mayu, Get this. Starfire is the best in Mexico. Nikki Storm is the best in Europe.  In the title match this time, we’ll become the tag team champion. Remember that!”

Io : “We’re the best in Japan”

Iwatani : “The best in Japan!”

Nikki : “What are you saying? Nikki Storm is the best in galaxy, Starfire is the best in galaxy too. Before, i lost to you at Korakuen Hall. I admit that. But, Starfire has became High Speed Champion. That’s why this time is the chance to get 2 champions. For me it’s chance to become tag champion and also to get revenge to Io. Don’t underestimate us. After the match, we will raise that belt, and declared that Oedo-tai is the best. That belt, what is it called? Just goddess? Goddess of Stardom? That belt, we’ll change it to Goddess of Galaxy when we got it. Number one! Nikki Storm, Starfire.”

Io : “That’s stupid.”

Nikki : “It’s okay whatever you say, it won’t change the result.  Just say what you want to say. It’s okay Io, It’s okay, because i don’t care.”

Io : “It’s irritating, somehow.”

Nikki : “What? Why?”

Fire : “Why?”

Io : “It’s okay. Just wait for the Korakuen Hall at 14 June.”

Fire : “Yes. Please!”

World of Stardom : Kairi Hojo (c) vs Satomura Meiko (from Sendai girls)


General Manager Fuka is reading message from Satomura.

Satomura : “Recently, i think i’ve stronger. In this way, will Hojo be able to retain the belt? I’ll make her fight for the belt until the limit.”

Hojo : “This time is my 2nd title defense, and it’s against someone who is called Yokozuna of the prowrestling world, Satomura Meiko. Honestly, i really want to do title defense against Satomura Meiko one day, but i never thought it will came this quick, well, i’m surprised. This time, it’s against Meiko-san, and it’s impossible to score an easy win, once, at Kobashi Kenta’s Fortune Dream last year, i was totally defeated. But as i said to Satomura Meiko the other day, Kairi Hojo right now is different, both in spirit technique and body.  It is still less than 2 weeks until the title match, until then, i’m gonna balancing and place importance in my spirit and technique, so i can challenge Satomura Meiko. I understand from watching Satomura Meiko’s match, all of her technique are heavy, it can alter the flow of the match with one shot.  How much i can cope, won’t let her take the flow, what kind of fight it’ll be, My resolution is to make a lot of people watch it. Kairi Hojo won’t lose! Thank you.”

――What is the key thing for that match?

Hojo : “I think the most important thing is balancing between the spirit, technique and body afterall. It’s useless if it’s only physical strength, it’s useless if it’s just strong mind, it’s useless for skill if you’re injured, i’ll need all of that in balance to take on Satomura. And i think Satomura Meiko want to fight someone who is on top of class in all of that, I’ll do all of my best to so i can be on the maximum state.”

Furthermore, it is decided that Starfire will challenge Io Shirai for the Wonder of Stardom title.

Galaxy Stars2015

20th June 2015 Shinkiba 1st Ring

Wonder of Stardom : Shirai Io (c) vs Starfire


Io : 「初防衛戦がさっそく決まりました。相手がスター・ファイヤーということなんですけども、相手に不足なしといった感じですかね。私はこの白いベ ルトを巻いたばかりなんですけども、5月の後楽園ホールで。やっぱりチャンピオンになったからにはですね、この白いベルトをとにかく輝かせたいという思い がすごく強いんですね。ゆくゆくは赤いベルト以上の存在に自分がもっていくということが私の目標なんですけども、その中で防衛戦をたくさんおこなっていき たいというのが目標としてあるんです。それも外国人選手との対決を得意としている私ですので、たくさんいまスターダムにはいろんなガイジン選手が来日して ますので、そいつらを片っ端から防衛戦やってぶっ潰していこうと計画をしています。その一人目がスター・ファイヤーになります。スター・ファイヤー、メキ シコで(赤いベルトの)タイトルマッチやったこともあるけど、オマエさ、私にあこがれてるって言ってたはずだよね。私のアイドルは紫雷イオだってメキシコ で会ったときはうれしそうにハグしてくれたはずなんですけどね、大江戸隊に入っちゃったよね、大江戸隊に。大江戸隊でいいの? 大江戸隊なんかに入らない でさ、もっとスターダムでできることいっぱいあるんじゃないの? 大江戸隊なんかに入ること、私はお勧めしないんだけど。まあその大江戸隊に入ったことを 後悔させてあげるから、20日の新木場、タイトルマッチ正々堂々と闘いましょう」

Fire : 「イオ、その白いベルトは私のためにある。いま、この肩にハイスピードのベルトがあるけど、その白いベルトはもう片方の肩に乗ることにな る。タッグタイトルをニッキーと取って、そのベルトも狙いにいくから。メキシコのルチャリブレがナンバーワンだって証明してやるわ。私がイオが好きだって 言ったって? たしかに言ったわよ。でもいまは私のほうがすごいルチャドーラになったの。オーエドタイに入ったのは、すばらしい外国人レスラーが揃ってい るから。私がイオに勝って、私の選択が間違っていないことを証明するわ。イオはジャパンのナンバーワンかもしれないけど、スター・ファイヤーがメキシコの ナンバーワン。オネガイシマス」

Io : “Mexico versus Japan number one. So, it’s battle between countries. Because it’s country against country confrontation.”

Fire : “Confrontation? Ok, Let’s do this. Perfect!”


At 2016, Tsunku♂ and the team will produce drama with idol unit as the protagonist.
The Charismatic Middle Schooler! Nicola model, Kumada Rinka, 20th May, finally actress debut. There, at
In charge of training and MC growth, sometime the Coolness switch is on! In the
14 years old Shining Brightness that gives a new freshness to the group January 2014,
2015.02.24 Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret." Berryz Kobo

Kumada Rinka to Challenge Her First Drama! (Interview)

The Charismatic Middle Schooler! Nicola model, Kumada Rinka, 20th May, finally actress debut.

There, at the secret garden where the boy is forbidden, this drama will depicts various events that happen in middle school’s girl toilet in rich realistic and entertainment color manner. Together with name like Aonami Jun and Yoshida Rinne, Rinka will work as middleschooler with dual nature, Sasaki, enthusiastically. Rinka who is expected to success in the future have beautifully demonstrated her talent. Then as a model, also about the drama, we interviewed her. Middleschool girl now is amazing!

――Since when you have admiration for the showbiz?
I like to be photographed since i was small. At first i want to be a ballerina but,  at 4th grade of elementary school i started reading Nicola, and i think i want to be a model. I want to be like Furuhata Hoshinatsu, who is at the same office.

――How do you feel the first time looking at Nicola?
I thought it was amazing. However, at first rather than interested with the fashion、I was interested with the manga that published in Nicola magz (lol). It was around the 5th grade that i interested in fashion.

――I wonder what part that make you attracted to model?
I think i want to be a presence that also spreading the smile. So i took part in 2012 Nicomo (Nicola Model) Audition.

――Do you have confidence during the audition?
It will be good once familiar with, that kind of feeling(lol). At the time, i’m not very tall. Besides, during the second screening everyone looks so mature, i was calm. During the audition i came with my mom but, at the way home she said “It will be a good experience”. That’s why i’m surprised when i was told that i pass.

That’s right. The feeling that i want to be Nicola Model is strong. But if i think about it now, it feels amazing.

「小学校六年生でモデルとして活動するようになって、当時はそこがどういう世界がわかってなくて、すごく甘く考えてたんですよね。だから、思うようにポー ジングや表情ができなくて、何度も泣いて帰りました。でも、私自身負けず嫌いなのでそこからいっぱい勉強をして。ただ、辛いと思ったことはないです。毎日 楽しいです! 自分の好きなことをやっているので」

――As a model the everyday clothes is hard, right? Because everyone is always paying attention.
It is hard. We have to be careful everytime.

――But you got the first rank in Nicola’s “Everyday clothes general election”.
「そうなんですよ! すごく嬉しかったです。最初その企画を聞いたときは不安だったんですけど、いろいろな雑誌を読みあさってかなり勉強しました(笑)。みんながどういうコーデが好きか考えて、そこに流行も入れて」

――What is your favorite coordination recently?

――This time, “Joshi Toire” will be your first drama, but the title is awesome , right?

――Usually, is incident really happens in toilet?
It is. Even today (lol). Something that you can’t said in front of class will be talked in toilet.

――So, boy will learn a lot of thing when watching this drama, right?
Maybe. Of course girl can watch it while comparing it to themselves with a fun feeling.

――This is your first challenge as an actress, how is it?
I haven’t seen that side before, Starting from the situation where i didn’t know anything…… Anyway it’s hard.  Actually i didn’t have a good memory, so it’s hard to remember the word.

――Acting isn’t hard?
It was hard. Unlike being model, We are moving during acting, sometime it’s hard to move because of nervousness. But this time, because there are a lot of girl with the same age, it was fun, that helped me.

――What you learned the most during the shooting?

――According to you, what is the highlight of this drama?
「みんなキャラクター、個性がすごくて、物語もあるあるって思いながら、最終的には“ありえないでしょ~”みたいな展開になってたり、すごく面白いです。 私が演じてる佐々木も女子特有の二面性があって……。全12話、毎回テーマが違っていて、各回で様々な人にスポットライトが当てられるんですけど、佐々木 は徐々にまわりに本性がバレていくって感じで。そこはぜひ注目していただければと思います」

――You are still a middleschooler, is it hard to balance between the work and study?
It’s hard! Especially unlike elementary school, middle school has a routine test. Now that i’ve used to it, i started to study during the shooting.

――Do you have your own study method?
I like to summarize thing in looseleaf beautifully. But the result of it is a bit……. Anyway it’s just like self-satisfactory feeling (lol)


――Do you usually check the foreign brand?
I didn’t, but i do recently. I look at instagram. I also look at it a while ago (lol)

――What makes you happy the most?
I like to go shopping during the holiday but, after all to spend holiday at home is really fun. While listening to the music, eventually i’d end up writing blog or reading magazine (lol)

――What kind of music do you listen to?
Western music. Recently something like Taylor Swift.

――Do you admiring to be a singer?
I’d sing quite a lot at home but, I’m not good with singing in public. Also at music class in school, i can’t sing because too nervous. If someone is watching it is bit….

――The people whom you admire?
There is a lot but, Eri Rose. When i went to Tokyo Girls Collection for the first time, i greeted her, i thought she was cool and she is friendly. The aura is also very strong, i think i want to be someone like her.

――Last one, what is your dream?
First of all, i want to grow as a nicola model. And with this first drama, i think i also want to challenge more acting in the future.



2015-07-14 21:13:36 Original Post もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here テスト終わりました! The test was over! みんなが教えてくれた勉強方で乗り越えられたよ~
2015-04-29 19:00:16 Original Post もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here 「女子の事件は大抵、トイレで起こるのだ。」 第1話の時をお先にちらっと。。。 Some teaser for episode 1...
2015-04-27 19:00:25 Original Post もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here 今日は皆さんに、 Today for everyone, 重大発表があります!!!!!!!! There
2015-04-25 21:23:23 Original Post もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here みんなの週末の予定読むの、 To read everyone's plan in

Yasumoto Ayaka Article at Nikkei Entertainment Idol Special 2015.

In charge of training and MC growth, sometime the Coolness switch is on!

In the new structure of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, she became number 3 from the top, she is 16 years old Yasumoto Ayaka. Also appointed to train the 2 new members Kobayashi Kaho and Nakayama Riko. Has overcoming many confusing change in different environment, it seems in this 1 year she was able to meet her new self.

2014 was a year of struggle. Previously, Mayama (Rika) and the 3 peoples who had resigned, were the person i asked to tell me many things, but now i’m in charge of training the new members. There was an anxiety, since the 2 new members have become familiar immediately, it was become wheter they have something to teach me too or not.

If i think it now,  it was reversed thet they teached me a lot. If i’m not in charge of training them, maybe the me today won’t exist. I was able to get my position among the 8 members in Ebichu is because i was able to work with confidence and it is thanks to those two. To be able to become my different self, i’m really grateful.

Even at the Live MC, there is a change in position so i can help the members who isn’t speaking. This is a new challenge.

At first I’m afraid of MC time, I didn’t want to talk. There was a time when I think “Why should I do MC?”.  Being crushed by anxiety and nervousness, I was crying when the live ended.

For me the presence of those 3 who had resigned is really big, so it was really painful when they resigned. Mizuki was entering at the same time, (Mizuki) Uno have been my friend since in the Minitia Bears, Nacchan (Anno Natsu) was joining Ebichu and Minitia at the same time with me, we have through a lot together, so i have strong deep feeling with those three.

Even though it was hard not to think about it, I didn’t show it at all, because it will affect the other members as well. There was a chance to talk about what’s next with everyone, but at that time I can’t say my opinion properly, if I really said what I was thinking that time, it wil also affect everyone.

I’m afraid whether I’ll be disliked if I speak, but I’m supposed to say it. The feeling that I can’t say, I think everyone is already know it. But, I didn’t know how is it really.  In the end, I realized that we need to tell honestly. I’m still weak, but from now on, I want to be Ayaka that good at talking.

From October, also starring at the first drama. While enjoying the wider playing field by each year, she has a big dream.

I love theater(stage act). There is not much of this work in Ebichu, so i did this drama seriously.  I want everyone, either Ebichu Family or not, who watched it to think “This kid is interesting”, so the next time i come out in drama again, i will work hard with that goal in mind.  

The dream is the theme song for Ghibli and Kohaku Uta Gassen

In live and music program, i think i want to show my coolness, maybe too hard (lol). I entered cool switch mode.

Radio and Variety show is my biggest chance. But I was easily nervous.,

At November live at Kobe World Hall, I was very nervous when sang the solo song. When I got the chance to do the solo song, there is “Ok, watch it” feeling, also anxiety feeling. It was so complicated with the mix of nervousness and excitement. I want to have Solo in the future. When Mayama got the Solo, I’m happy and also want to do it.

I have 2 dreams. The first one is sing for studio ghibli. Barefooted, whitedress, i want to sing with a fresh image. The other one is i want to star in Asadora(Morning drama).  With me as the Asadora heroine, the theme song will be Ebichu. That will give me an opportunity to be the moderator of Kohaku Uta Gassen, and it will be great if Ebichu can also performing there. But i think Ebichu may appear at Kohaku before Ayaka starring in Asadora. (lol)

Afterall i’m admiring Kohaku (Uta Gassen). Kohaku is being watched by a lot of peoples from Grandma and grandpa to kid. Ebichu is still not famous enough, but i want it to be like SMAP, a national idol that everyone in this country know, i’ll work hard to reach that.  I will go to this 2015 with confidence, and i want to be cooler. I want be extremely cool.

Picture Source : http://sphebichu.tumblr.com/tagged/NikkeiEntIdolSpecial2015

2015-12-31 21:05:05 Original Post 2015年がもーすぐ終わってしまう… Year 2015 will be end soon. 2016年よっ! 2016! 待ってろー???????? I'm
2015-06-27 00:00:00 Original Post 6/27☆ 27th June ついに華のseventeenになりましたー☆ Finally i became seventeen 16歳では舞台やバラエティーなど At the
2015-04-23 22:27:41 Original Post 昨日の写真のカラーコンタクトしてる写真載せたんだけどわかったー?笑 Yesterday, i was taking photos with contact lens but, do
2015-02-05 23:01:55 Source ちょっと遅くなりましたが、、、Seems a bit late, but...旅の思い出☆ Memories of the tripin台湾!in Taiwan 校長に校長流いきあたりばったり旅を教わりました。I was

Kobayashi Kaho Article at Nikkei Entertainment Idol Special 2015.

14 years old Shining Brightness that gives a new freshness to the group

January 2014, at Green Dome Maebashi concert “Ore no Fujii” , together with Nakayama Riko, transfer was announced. Raised with a game of tag together with her friends in Saitama, this 14 years old girl’s charm point is her smile.

At the time of child, until now there is not much change, still a bright and nice kid who always help her teacher.

Same with the kids at the same age i have grown a bit but, with friends from elementary school still playing around the park, playing dorokei or game of tag, i’m playing too. Even now, i still playing game of tag with that friends (laugh).

              During elementary 6th grade summer holiday, I went to cousin’s place in Tokyo. Together with my mother, when we were shopping at Harajuku, i was scouted.

              I have loved to sing since Kindergarten, during the elementary school i like to listen Ikimonogakari and Superfly, and longing to become a singer in the future. But i’m too shy, i’m thinking to myself “Isn’t it better to wait until i’m at highschool.” But my mother encourage me and said, “The long-awaited chance has come, why don’t you try it?”

              I don’t know much about Idol but, i entered the agency, and become the member of the unit “Team Dai-Oh Ika”, doing handshake event, going to practice with everyone, I began to think that being Idol is fun.

              One day around October 2013, i was called by the agency and they said “Do you want to join Ebichu?”, i’m surprised “Eh, that Ebichu??” and i’m answered with “Please let me do it”.

              From watching their event “Jishuu”, i’m thinking “They’re cute”. With a surprised feel, i think this kind of chance will never come again, “I’ll call home and ask my mother”, that’s what i said but actually i have decided by myself.

              The reason why i was selected as member is, because the cheerfulness and “To give a new wind to Ebichu” , OOO and principal said it like that. But i wonder what’s the meaning of the new wind. (laugh)

              But since joining, there is a little anxiety feels. Before the Tour started, i wonder if i can remember the song and dance.

             When first announced as Ebichu member at 1 January in Green Dome Maebashi, i’m still performing with Team DaiohIka member, it was the first time to perform at that big venue, i’m very nervous until almost cry, my knee was also shaking.

             I have a great relation since before with Riko who transferred together, when she heard about i’m entering Ebichu from staff, at that time, then she said, “Then, i’ll do it too.” If i rejected the transfer, i wonder what will happen(laugh).

As Ebichu member, 21 March Schoolplay (Live) Grand Cup Osaka “Luck To The Future Part 2” was my first participation. At November “East-West Schoolplay”, i also sang a solo song for the first time.

Memorizing 20 songs in 2 months.

During the preparation of Grand Cup there wasn’t much of free time, i have practice for more than 6 hours at weekends, and memorizing more than 20 songs. When i look at it now it was so hard, but rather than suffering, there was a stronger feeling of fun. Another member also helped me, by teached me.

At the day before at the hotel room, me and Rikochan was rehearsing the choreography again. At that time, i gave myself around 60 points.

What makes most impression is Summer’s Famien. When watching Ebichu DVD, Famien seems the most fun, i wanted to try it. There are flower on the feet, but there are some happening too. When i was hit by the fountain. “Ah, i’ve got hit. But because it’s cool when wet, it’s okay”, i was think positively.

At Touzai Schoolplay when singing solo song for the first time, i’m very nervous, my colour is become a yellow colour of Chyalume. I don’t know how to put it, i’m really impressed. For my own, i think i’m doing well. Maybe around 70 points (laugh). At Touzai Schoolplay, i think it’s my first “No-miss”.

Because i’m not a good talker, I want to put more strength into talk, the singing is also a challenge. Ebichu’s level is quite high, if i want to catch up with the other, i have to work harder.

I’m getting along with the other members. Mayama told me “This is better” and she gave me a lot of another advice. Slowly, i knew the personality of the other members.

I don’t know whichy way i’ll go but, maybe become actress, I want to try it.

For the magazine scan : http://sphebichu.tumblr.com/tagged/NikkeiEntIdolSpecial2015

In charge of training and MC growth, sometime the Coolness switch is on! In the
今週は先週に引き続き、雑誌『ニコラ』のモデルとして大人気!久間田琳加さんの登場です。Continuing from last week, Nicola's top model, Kumada Rinka!小学校6年生で『ニコラ』のモデルオーディションでグランプリを受賞。誌面に登場してからはあっという間に人気急上昇、今では多くの先輩と並んで中心的存在のモデルに。 Winning grand prize in Nicola exclusive
今週は雑誌『ニコラ』のモデルとして大活躍! 12歳の将来有望モデル、久間田琳加さんの登場です! This week will featuring someone who got a big success as a model for
2015-11-02 00:00:00 Original Post 18歳になりましたー♡♡ I've became 18 years old みれいだよーっ! Mirei Here 今日11/2。 Today
2015-10-28 19:45:57 Original post こんばんーはー!! Hello 小林歌穂ですー!! Kobayashi kaho here りこちゃーーーーーーんっ☆ Rikochaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn. お誕生日おめでとうーーー! Happy Birthday

Berryz Kobo Short Interview at Nikkan SPA!


Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret."

Berryz Kobo is a special Idol Group. With 11 years of activity, they're a veteran in Woman Idol business, but the oldest one Shimizu Saki is still 23 years old. Those elementary school girls, gradually grown into adult woman, and eventually be able to design their own life. Then those 7 came out with a conclusion, to go into "Indefinite Hiatus".

――About the hiatus, you said to various media it is because "Want to do something other than Berryz Kobo", but at the same time there is anxiety of "Didn't know world other than Idol".

Shimizu Saki : Eee, That's big. I'm already 23 years old, the oldest among here. But, when i heard the story from same-generation friends, there is a lot of "How is it?" moment. Like studying to enter university, or getting ready to become a working people. For example, when gathered with my friends from hometown, there is a lot of time i think, "Ah, the only one who doesn't understand this conversation is me." Even when writing survey, sometimes i feel lack of study, to begin with i don't even know how to use computer. Until now, i'm still typing on keyboard with 1 index finger, it feels embarrassing.

Sugaya Risako : Me too. I entered this world at 2nd grade of elementary school, that's why this is the only world i know. There is friend in my hometown that already married, there is also those who has become mother. Yet, i didn't even know how to do bank transfer. Tax, life insurance,… something like that, i don't know anything at all.

Miyabi Natsuyaki : Me too, after going to hiatus i want to travel overseas, but i don't even know how to get a tickets. I have my parent and staff to do it for me.

Tsugunaga Momoko : But i know how to use PASMO!

Tokunaga Chinami : Yeah, how to input cash into PASMO. Because i'm using train everyday.

Sugaya : But, you can't really do anything but rely on your parent. Until this year i'm still thinking what will happen with me if my parent isn't here. Will it be okay to be like this? Before as a Idol or entertainer, i'm a people and honestly that's make me anxious.

Yurina Kumai : That kind of thing may be a normal things to the girls at our age, but not for us. All of my friends have done part-time work, with hourly wage and daily wage, before being told by them, i didn't even know the meaning of those words. If you see it from the other's perspective, it seems nothing for us to be envy of, but in contrary we envy of a normal things.

Shimizu : But if we work hard now we might still be able to catch to it, we have that kind of positive think.

For the complete interview, read at "Edge People" part of Shukan SPA! that was published at 24 February 2015.


The continuation from before. ――I'll looking forward for the unit performance. In this Party Live,
Tokyo Performance Doll that performed in "Idolotakarakuji". (Front row from left) : Hamasaki Kaho, Takashima
At that time, do you know that the concert will be released as DVD? Yoshii
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
Diverting from mainstream J-Pop to full-scale dance music, What is the passion in this? Since

Tokyo Performance Doll Interview (thetv.jp) – 2nd Part

The continuation from before.

――I’ll looking forward for the unit performance. In this Party Live, there will be a lot of groups performing, but please tell us about the strength of Tokyo Performance Doll.

Hamasaki Kaho : On our usual live, we are performing for 90 minutes non-stop. Between them, changing clothes is about 30 seconds to 1 minutes, the fastest is 10 seconds, There is also performance with changing clothes outside. Also using accessory in the performance such as lightstick, on that 90 minutes, there are unit song and solo song that matched each one’s personality, we are performing it wholeheartedly. The audiences will feel that it so quick…. and get the feel with a series of performance, that’s kind of live we aim for.

Takashima Nana : Now, that seems a good talk (lol), but there is more. Actually when we’re formed(June 2013),it was planned to do the stage for 1 year. During that time, i’ve been able to match the expression in the song. And that’s not one pattern, we cherish each of the song, i want people that watch us for the first time to know that.

Tachibana Futaba : And during the performance, everyone have a lot of variation moves. Moving from end to end, i think that makes it more attractive and colorful formation.

Sakurai Saki : The debut single “Brand New Story” is less than 4 minutes, but the formation is changed about 30 times.

Kobayashi Anyu : Audience can see us clearly from any seat.

Shingu Saki : There are still a lot of people that don’t know Tokyo Performance Doll, The people that don’t know the name of each of us is a lot too. Our costume is a pure white from top to bottom, and it seems a bit shining, I want everyone to think of Tokyo Performance Doll when looking at pure shining white costume.

――I have watched the PV, not just the performance but the singing too is impressive.

Takashima: (Singing) Teacher was used to say “The voice isn’t from stomach”. Then we’re gradually aware to get the voice from stomach from a lot of practice.

Kobayashi : We’re also sing a song from our predecessor, in the form of re-arrangement. Actually we have more re-arranged song than original song. But, instead of mimicking the voice of our predecessor, we’re trying to sing it with our own style.

――By the way, is there any group that you consider as rival that also performing in this Party live?

Everyone : Nonononono, there isn’t any! (lol)

Takashima:This kind of question always come out, right? (laugh). This time i’ll answer it but i think it won’t be interesting. We’re aware of the other group, but it’s not a rival. Previously in our hosted live “Tokyo Gokyu Live! ~ Senpai, Yoroshikuonegaishimasu” (May ’14), Marimi、GEM, and the other, are visiting and doing taiban as a senior guest, we were learning a lot from them. That was our first time doing taiban with the other group, but we’re learning a lot from them.
For example, Negicco has an encompassing live to people around, Up Up Girls was good at talking and making passionte live. Palet is really beautiful and really cute idol, they have that kind of impression. This time, we’re really looking forward to be able to co-star with everyone.

Iida Sakurako:Because the performance of each of group is different, while learning the good thing i hope we won’t lose.

――When asking the same question to other Idol, there are a lot that said Tokyo Performance Doll’s dance is amazing.

Everyone:Eh? We’re really happy! Is that for real?

Sakurai : We’re less experienced in dance than other idol, though.(lol) Half of us is amateur, there is also member that just learned dance when we’re formed.

Takashima: It makes us happy. It makes us want to do even better.

――If you will give a special gift to fans that come to see your live, what gift you’ll give?

Takashima:We’ll give the towel that we’re using during the live! Ah, but it’s better to wash it first, because there’ll be a lot of sweat. (lol)

――As a leader in behalf of everyone. Please send a message to everyone towards 12 march’s live.

Takashima:Because there are also other group, maybe there are a lot people that will see us for the first time, but, i want to increase the level of TPD by making the live more awesome. So, please come to see the Party Live at 12 March, we’re also looking forward for it.

2015.02.24 Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret." Berryz Kobo
Tokyo Performance Doll that performed in "Idolotakarakuji". (Front row from left) : Hamasaki Kaho, Takashima
At that time, do you know that the concert will be released as DVD? Yoshii
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
Diverting from mainstream J-Pop to full-scale dance music, What is the passion in this? Since

Tokyo Performance Doll Interview (thetv.jp) – 1st Part


Tokyo Performance Doll that performed in "Idolotakarakuji". (Front row from left) : Hamasaki Kaho, Takashima Nana, Jonishi Seira, Sakurai Saki. (Back row from left) Iida Sakurako, Shingu Saki, Kobayashi Anyu, Tachibana Futaba, Waki Akari.


――Please introduce yourself, and tell your charm point in 1 word.

Waki Akari: From Oita、17 years old Waki Akari. My charm point is among Tokyo Performance Doll member, i'm the best with short hair.

Sakurai Saki: From Yamaguchi, 17 years old Sakurai Saki. My charm point is my dimple cheeks when laughing.

Jonishi Seira: From Aichi, 18 years old Jonishi Seira. my charm point is arm. (laugh)

Takashima Nana: From Hyogo, 18 years old leader, Takashima Nana. my charm point is my skin is a bit tanned.

Tachibana Futaba: From Wakayama, 15 years old Tachibana Futaba. My charm point is my "Pattsun Bang".

Kobayashi Anyu: From Shizuoka, 16 years old Kobayashi Anyu. My charm point is, my hair is longest among member, i think.

Hamasaki Kaho: From Fukuoka, 17 years old Hamasaki Kaho. My charm point is my big hand!

Shingu Saki: From Gunma. 16 years old Shingu Saki. My charm point is, currently unvisible, my wide forehead.

Iida Sakurako: From Tokyo, 16 years old Iida Sakurako. My charm point is my "Princess cut".

――You are not yet a regular in this show, but what do you think about this show?

Takashima: Before, i have seen it, that's when UpUpGirls performed. UpUpGirls is one of my personal favourite to perform together, so i'm really happy to be able to perform together.

Kobayashi: I have seen GEM, who also appeared this time, through the broadcast before. At the 6th episode, i want to work even harder to be able to pass the baton of the performer.

――In the regular broadcast, there is some system called "Surviving battle", what do you think?

Takashima: How they decide the rank is still feel a bit complicated for me. Since Tokyo Performance Doll doesn't have experience on it… Honestly, i feels uneasy.

Tachibana : But there is a sense of curiosity. I think it will be interesting, i want to participate!

Kobayashi : That's right, I want to know by current our own.

Takashima : I'll learn something!

Everyone : TV Asahi, Please give us the chance.

――Those that got rank 4 or lower is crying on air, you know?

Everyone : Eh! That seems so harsh.

Tachibana : No, but that's why we want to challenge it. Whatever the result, i want everyone to look at our performance!

――So, please tell me how do you feel when you've decided to perform at the Party Live at 12 March?

Kobayashi : People who performed at the live is so gorgeus. There are also some Idol that we have co-performed before, but it's really like a dream to be able to perform with everyone like this. Also, our 2nd Zepp Tour has been decided through April-May, this time there will be a lot of people watching, if we make them know our existence, i wonder if that will be able to lead them to our future live.

Jonishi : The first time i heard about the title of the live, I thought it isn't a normal live. I thought that the audience will dining while we perform (lol). Since the venue is Roppongi EX Theater, i thought there are some place to sit. (lol)

Takashima : In this "Otarakuji" (Lottery) live, there is also lottery project. I think that's an interesting project. I'm secretly looking forward for it, really secretly.(lol)

Sakurai : There is also Unit Shuffle song contest, isn't there? We're really looking forward for it since the beginning.

Hamasaki : By the way, i'll also appear (at the shuffle unit). I'm really nervous right now (lol). I'll make unit with UpUpGirls's Sekine Azusa and Mamiri's Manami. While i've performed together with UpUpGirls at Taiban, to perform together with Manami this will be the first time. Before this, we had a unit practice for the first time, we had a friendly talk, i'm pleased to get along with her. Manami is doing the choreography together but, our dance genre is bit different, it's difficult to remember. But i'm really excited to be able to show the new side of me, (the practice) was really fun. At first, i didn't really think about "Harmonizing" the song, but suddenly Manami-san said "is it okay to harmonizing?", it is a sudden harmonizing! I'm sure that she has a perfect pitch hearing. I really think she is a great person.

――How is your impression of that Shuffle unit singing Yuki Saito's "Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa" ('86 song)?

Hamasaki : Honestly, i've never heard that song before. But i was told "It's a famous song" by my mother. And then, when i'm looking at the song at video streaming site, i learned that it was a theme song for an anime (Mezon Ikkoku). 80's song incorporated with modern coreography, it's feel like a collaboration between 80's and now, it wil be fun. Because it's different with Tokyo Performance Doll's usual melody, i'm really looking forward to sing.

Shingu : Come to think of it, the other day when i went to karaoke with Kaho, she always put this song.

Hamasaki : Hehehe, so you actually secretly practicing.(lol)

Shingu : Though i knew that Kaho will appear to the unit song, i don't know she'll perform that song, So when she suddenly put that song, "What is this song?" was what i think. But i help her with what can i only do. (lol)


2015.02.24 Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret." Berryz Kobo
The continuation from before. ――I'll looking forward for the unit performance. In this Party Live,
At that time, do you know that the concert will be released as DVD? Yoshii
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
Diverting from mainstream J-Pop to full-scale dance music, What is the passion in this? Since

9nine WEB INTERVIEW Vanitymix 2 (Page 2-3/4)

At that time, do you know that the concert will be released as DVD?
Yoshii : I didn't think about that.
Murata : But i know there are a lot of cameras.
Yoshii : I think i'm not aware of that.

At 21st August you will have your Budokan Performance, what is the connection between that and the Maihama performance?
Yoshii : Until the Maihama, there are a lot of Tour, and attending various festivals, we were stacking the performance, and this Budokan live is the culmination of all of that.
Murata : Even though at that time there still no talk about Budokan, i think that live is the first time connecting us to Budokan.
Yoshii : There are a lot of new things, I think that will be the axis of our future performance. It also triggered our confidence.
Murata : That's right it gave us confidence. I heard from the direction of fans, "This was the best live until now.". But, i want to continue to leveling up my skill, I think i want to keep doing my best and be able to say, "That time was good, but this time is even better."

So, by watching DVD, it will increase the excitement for Budokan, won't it? New Album "Magi9 Playland" has been released, which song you keep listen towards Budokan performance?
Yoshii : I think "9uestions". The lyric is so girly, and that is the only medium tempo song.
Murata : For me it's "The Magi9al FES" From the first time i heard it, it increased my tension! Everyone swinging the towel together, that is one of the song that WOWed me. The interlude is amazing, the dance tune is very cool, It makes me want to dance.
Yoshii : The choreography is very cool, i want to dance it with everyone.
Murata : There are special hand movement, like hand waving and swinging the towel, it will makes you want to do that too.

Then, ask the audience to prepare a towel for Budokan.
Murata : I want to swing the towel with everyone.
Yoshii : maybe it will became the most energized song!

We have interviewed the other three, they said that Budokan is the start, how about you twohow do you feel about this Budokan performance?
Yoshii : I'm lived far away but there are people that want to go to the Budokan, aren't there? I think it's an amazing place, Family's support and friends, and for the fans that keep cheering us until Budokan, i want to say "Thank you~", I think this Budokan is also the culmination of 9nine, but i think it's also a start, from here "I want to go further" that kind of feeling, and it's also what connecting us between the past and the future.
Murata : I heard about Budokan at the end of November, and suddenly it's 1 month away. And how we spend this 1 month is the battlefield. We must concentrating our feeling. "First time live on Budokan" is once-in-a-lifetime chance, that's why i will give 100% for this performance.

Is there any anxiety?
Murata : There are many things that comes into mind, but to do it i must throw away all the anxiety!
Yoshii : I'm very nervous right now, that i will cry at the first song.
Murata : There?
Yoshii : I think there are a lot of positives from that. (lol)

Both of you joined at the same time, and also from Kansai, are you usually talking to each other?
Yoshii : Yes. There are also time when we are living in the same dormitories.
Murata : We have conversation in sofa, while eating Onigiri, aren't we? (lol)

What kind of conversation?
Yoshii : something like , "I have grown" (lol)
Murata : Kanchan is in highschool and i'm in middle school when the first time i came to Tokyo, so she is like my family in Tokyo. It's something like, "Let's grow up together". Because the other members said "Grow by yourself." (lol)

There must be a lot of happening, but is there anything special recently?
Murata : When i write twitter and blog for the first time, i'm thinking too much about beautiful sentence because i'm not good at conveying a feeling. I really want to convey my feelings properly to everyone. "What do you think about the 9nine right now?" that is the most effective one after all. This Budokan performance feelings will always be remembered and also the 9nine right now.

2015.02.24 Berryz Kobo : "This was decided by everyone. There is no regret." Berryz Kobo
The continuation from before. ――I'll looking forward for the unit performance. In this Party Live,
Tokyo Performance Doll that performed in "Idolotakarakuji". (Front row from left) : Hamasaki Kaho, Takashima
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
Diverting from mainstream J-Pop to full-scale dance music, What is the passion in this? Since