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  • This Form is used to contact me, either request subtitle/translation or retranslate to another language or anything.
  • Put your request here, it can be blogpost, video, article, news, or anything, as long as it is idol-related content.
  • Be as spesific as possible when requesting, so i can easily check it too. Include something like Video title and aired/released date, featured idol and video length.
  • Please note that this doesn’t mean that i’ll fullfill all of the requests, i’ll just pick an interesting (and preferably) shorter one. Thanks for your attention.

Or you can go directly to my twitter account >> @dobodz

Or you can also go to my facebook page now >> dzidolworld

17 thoughts on “Contact Form”

  1. Hello, I would ask permission to translate blog Ebichu to my native Spanish language, if possible, is the only means where I have seen translations into English of yours tickets! I would appreciate you enormously !!

    thank you very much for translating things Ebichu!

  2. Can anyone help me please? I am looking for the subtitles to Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. I have clicked HOME over and over and over, but there arenn’t any password and no instructions. I don’t want you to post the password here, but plese just tell me what I am doing worng or how to get it, as clicking on HOME i.e. doesn’t work for me.

  3. Yes, I have been to this page before.
    But, as I said before, there is no password. Normally I would look for the words:

    password: ******

    But there is nothing like that anywhere. Or I can’t see it. It only says:
    >>Check HOME for the password – Thanks<<

    So if I click on HOME I just go back to:
    I wonder why it has to be so complicated.

    However, it doesn't matter anymore. I found the subs on another page. Someone was kind enough to share them. Thanks anyway.

  4. Oh… the password is the name in the picture written as one word even though it is printed in two colours. Duh… I am slow…

  5. Hello,
    I am a translation team member about 48group’s contents. Is it possible to use yours Tofu pro wrestling’s sub for translating them in French ?

  6. Thanks for all you subtitle. Is it okey to use yours Tofu pro wrestling’s sub for retranslate in Indonesian ? I dont have website, maybe i will share it on my friend blog, of course we credit you.

    1. it’s okay,

      but there is already other indonesian subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling, they’re not asking me first though.

      1. who is them ? because i just found eps 1 until 3 in indonesia subtitle

        btw, thanks bro i will make it my version

      2. you must be talking about DDS? They’re translating with their own version, different with mine.

        while the other, there are 2-3 other indonesian subs i think, some of it is bad, are retranslating my sub, just go find it on google

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