Current Situation

Hello everyone, i want to update my current situation :

First of all, i won’t stop subbing just because someone stole the sub, it will happen anyway, and i enjoy making the sub especially to share what i love. But, it will demotivate me, thus it will take longer time to finish the sub. I will only stop just when something big happened or i stopped enjoying this whole idol things, it’s unlikely though. So, expect some more sub, at least until next year.

The next one is about the website. Sure, i enjoy making subtitle, but i don’t put any kind of advertisement in this website, so no income from here. Since there is a cost to maintain this website, that’s mean it’s loss for me. For a past year (Since the first time i opened this site until a few months back), i had a kind person who covered the hosting cost and i handle the domain cost, i can handle it fine. But since that kind person pulled out, i also handle the hosting cost, which is quite expensive for me.

Then it is the time to pay for the hosting again and the deadline for the payment is around next week. With a little work, I might be able to make it for this one, but i’m not sure for the next one, or the next one after that. So, if this website suddenly down, that’s mean i can’t pay for it lol.

The next one is i just set up a facebook page for this site, you can always contact me there. Here is the link : , make sure to like it, ‘kay~ I might move my work there if this website really go kaput.


And i think that’s all, i will update again soon.

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