Finally Episode 7!

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Alright, just kidding.

This Episode is kind of cooling down episode from before, but still there is a lot of love in the air.. That TobioxIchihashi coup…. cough. I’m sorry.

Three Episode left. Yay! Which couple are you rooting for? TobioxRenko? TobioxMinami? IchihashixRenko? IchihashixTobio’s Sister? or TobioxIchihashi? lol

And i just came with a logo for this website, look at this. It’s still temporary though.

What do you think?

And there will be another announcement, especially for those who come from Indonesia, there will be something interesting coming. Look forward for it.




This is english subtitle for Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san live action drama episode 2 : Timer+Translator
Bokutachi ga Yarimashita episode 2 Tobio and the gang's average life is over. After witnessing
Profile Drama: Fugitive Boys (English title) / We Did It (literal title) Romaji: Boku-tachi ga

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