Idol is Dead : Nonchan’s Propaganda

So, here is the sequel of the Idol is Dead Movie, Idol is Dead : Nonchan’s Propaganda. This is the english subtitle for the mentioned title, created with WahDee’s Raw.

It’s my first release after a while, so enjoy it with the usual limited quality. And because i finished almost half of it maybe a year ago, i don’t know the quality of it and i’m just that lazy to do a recheck soooo enjoy as it is.

If anyone want to retranslate to another language or fixing the translation or grammatical issue, feel free to contact me.


Hello, everyone! Christmas is coming! And here is the early christmas present from me, the
Just realized that the page for this subtitle was gone. So, reposted it. Will complete
Hello everyone, i just want to tell you that this site is reopened. About what
This is english subtitle for Konna no Idol ja Nain!? Episode 7 : Brought to
This is english subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling Episode 8 : Timer : msaftian, dobod Translator

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