Idols that Go Major on 2015! (And how it went) – Part 1

Every year the number of the Idol Group in Japan is keep rising and rising. Many just come and then gone, many released indies single then gone, many release indies singles then stayed indies and reach their success in indies scene, many release indies singles then went major, some went major from the very start. There are really many kind of Idols out there. So, this time i’ll write about Idols that go Major in this year of 2015 and how it went for them.

What is Major Debut?
A single is considered a Major debut in Japan if it was released by a record company that is registered as member of Recording Industry Association of Japan. Currently (As of Oct 2014) there are 17 companies that are registered as a major record label in Japan.

LaPomPon went major with single “BUMP!!”, released on 28 January 2015 under Being Inc. record label.
LaPomPon is an Idol group with 6 member. The member goes by the name Kiri, Karen, Rima, Misaki, Yukino and Hina. It’s name is from La Power of Music, Pride of NewGeneration. They are formed on 2013 and then also performed in Tokyo Idol Festival 2014. This single is their first single and directly going major because they’re formed by Being Inc.
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How it went : The reported sales figure in it’s 1st week is 1,140, it was ranked 26th in Oricon Daily Chart and 57th in Weekly Chart. They also confirmed to release their second single titled Hot Girls on 29th April 2015, still under Being Inc.

NanoCune went major with single “Higeki no Machoman”, released on 28 January 2015 under Victor Entertainment.
NanoCune is an Idol group with 4 members (and 2 former members), It has started it’s activity since 2010 as a trainee of “Himekyun Fruit Can”. Has released 5 indies single and 1 indies album before going major with this single. It’s name came from “Nano” means small and Cune from “Kyun” of “Hime Kyun Fruit Can”.
It’s current member is Ohara Ayu, Kadota Mayu, Nishioka Ayumi and Kinoshita Kokoro.
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How it went : The reported sales figure in the 1st week is 5,764. was ranked 19th.

Especia went major with mini-album “Primera”, released on 18 February 2015 under Victor Entertainment.
Especia is an idol group with 5 members (and 5 ex-members). It was formed on 1 June 2012. Has released 2 mini-albums, 3 singles and 1 album in Indies scene.
The current member is Haruka Tominaga, Chika Sannomiya, Chihiro Mise. Monari Wakita and Erika Mori.
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How it went : The reported sales figure is 2,917, and was ranked 30th.

Tokyo Girls Kids
Tokyo Girls Kids went major with single “Tokyo BugiUgi/Ginza Kankan Musume”, released on 18 February 2015, under Nippon Columbia.
Tokyo Girls Kids is an idol group with 4 members with an average age of 11.75. It was formed on August 2013. And this single is their first single.
The current member is Rikako Suda, Mai Saito, Mako Kushimoto and Sei Ito.
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How it went : The reported sales figure for the 1st week is 875. was ranked 78th.

Kanikapila went major with single “Ichae! I Love You”, released on 25 February 2015 under Sony Music.
Kanikapila is a band idol group with 7 members. It was formed on May 2015. Kanikapila means “Let’s Play music” in english, from hawaiian language, because all of the members have Hawaiian blood. They have released 1 mini-album.
The current member is Leona (Vocal+Guitar), Yoshika (Vocal+Guitar), Mizuho (Vocal+Guitar), Natsuko (Vocal+Keyboard), Aoi (vocal+Percussion), Kana (Bass) and Pippi (Drum).
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How it went :  It was ranked 130th.

The Hoopers
The Hoopers went major with single “Itoshikoishi-kun Koishi”, released on 4 March 2015 under Universal Sigma.
The Hoopers is an idol group with 7 members, their concept is “Seven girls dressed a beautiful boy”. The audition for this group started around Fall 2013 and officially unveiled on 2 May 2014.
The current member is Mirai, Sena, Yuhi, Mizuki, Tsubasa, Haruki and Makoto.
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How it went : The reported sales figure in the first week is 5,848. and was ranked at 16th on 1st week.

Ayumikurikamaki went major with single “Sake Sake Sake”, released on 4 March 2015 under DefStar Records (Sony Music).
Ayumikurikamaki is an idol group with 3 members. They started as a DJ Unit “Kurikamaki” on January 2012, consisted of DJ “Kurika” and hype-woman “Maki”. The concept is Kuma (Bear), from the first letter of their name. And then the third member Ayumi the Singer joined on 5 May 2014. They have released 3 Indies singles.
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How it went : The reported sales figure on the 1st week is 8,564. It was ranked on 11th. and they’ll released another single titled “Mitsu Mitsu Mitsu” at 24th June 2015.

Callme went major with single “To Shine” released on 4 March 2015 under Avex Group.
Callme is a sub-unit of Dorothy Little Happy, unveiled on 1 February 2015. It is consisted of Akimoto Ruuna, Tominaga Mimori, Hayasaka Koumi.
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How it went : The reported sales figure on the 1st week is 12,480. was ranked on 10th.

This is the end of the 1st part.

There are still this list of Groups that going major on this year of 2015 :
OS☆U, Yumemiru Adolescence, Ultra Girl, Country Girls (March)
Through Skills, Carat. (April)
Oyayubi Princess,
Gekijo METALicche, FES☆TIVE, Ganbare!Victory, (May)
Shibuya Dominion, LoVendoЯ, READY TO KISS, Houkago Princess (Undecided)

This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some
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