Idols that Go Major on 2015! (And how it went) – Part 2

This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some idols that i forgot to mention in the last part. If you haven’t read the previous part, you MUST check it out here >

And then without further ado, here you go :

Pottya went major with single “Popopopocharinko”, released on 29th January 2015 under For Life Music Entertainment.
Pottya is an idol group with 5 members, this group is easily recognized as the heaviest idol around. The members are Ooki Risa (60kg), Indou Maiko (70kg), Oohashi Michiko (87kg), Tsukada Emi (87kg), Yokokawa Mai (77kg).

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How it went : ?, they also released another single “Bye bye Kataomoi” on 10 March 2015.

Gacharic Spin-Gachagacha Dancers
Gacharic Spin went major with single “Sekira Liar/Tokenai Candy, released on 25th February 2015 under Victor Entertainment.

Gacharic Spin is an all-female Japanese rock band, It was formed on 10th June 2009. it has released 5 singles and 4 albums before going major. The members are F Chopper KOGA (bass), TOMO-ZO (guitar), Hana (drums/vocals), Oreo Reona (keyboards/vocals), Mai (dancer), Arisa (dancer). This Mai and Arisa are called “Gacha-gacha dancers”.

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How it went : The reported sales figure on the first week is 3,066 and ranked 32nd at Oricon Weekly Chart. They also got another single “Don’t let me down” that will be released on 27th May 2015.

OS☆U went major with single “Gangan☆Dance/Kimi no Tameni”, released on 18th march 2015 under Nigiwai Factory Nagoya, I. Y. O (Avex Music Creative).
OS☆U is an idol group with a lot of members and using team system. OS☆U is Osu Super Idol Unit. It was formed at August 2010 and based on Osu Shopping district (a popular area located in the Naka ward of Nagoya). It has released 10 singles, 2 Best albums, and 1 mini album. The members are divided into 4 teams,  Team O (5 members), Team S (5 members), Team U (6 members) and Team ☆ (4 members) check them here >
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How it went : The reported sales figure for the first week is 26,331 and was ranked 2nd.

Yumemiru Adolescence
Yumemiru Adolescence went major with single “Bye bye my days”, released at 18th march 2015 under Sony Music Associated Records.
Yumemiru Adolescence is an idol group whose members, made up mostly of models on Pichi Lemon – a popular teen fashion magazine, all aim to become national superstars someday. They are produced by Yoji Uesugi who is known for his composition/arrangement for Hello!Project, and AKB48.They’re garnering attention not just based on their acting, but also on their original songs and dances. They were formed at June 2012 and have released 4 singles, 1 digital single and 2 albums. The current members are Ogino Karin (leader), Yamada Akari, Shida Yuumi, Kobayashi Rei, Kyoka.
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How it went : The reported sales figure in the first week is 15,921 and was ranked 7th.

Ultra Girl
Ultra girl went major with single “No.1/Mugamuchū” released at 18th march 2015 under Victor Entertainment.
Ultra girl is an idol group with 5 members, it was formed at March 2012. It has released 6 singles before going major. The current members are Asou Tomoyo, Kwachiki Serina, Suzuki Noa, Arai Fumika, and Hirose Miyuu.

How it went : The reported sales figure for the first week is 4,191 and was ranked 21st.

So, how do you think of the list so far? and what is the difference with the indies idols? See you at the next part with another set of “lucky” idols.

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