Idols that Go Major on 2015! (And how it went) – Part 3

This is the major single part 3, For 1st and 2nd part, please check here and here. So, without further ado, let’s check them.

Country Girls

Country Girls went major with single “Itooshikutte Gomen Ne/Koi Dorobō”, released on 25th March 2015 under Zetima (Epic Records (SME)).

Country Girls is an idol under Hello!Project umbrella. They are formed in 5th November 2014, but have done their activities under the name “Country Musume.” since 1999. They said the change of name is to attract more overseas fans. The current members are Mai Satoda, Momoko Tsugunaga, Risa Yamaki, Manaka Inaba, Chisaki Morito, Uta Shimamura and Mai Ozeki

How it went : The reported sales figure on the first week is 45,032 and ranked 3rd at Oricon Weekly Chart.

Through Skills (Official Site)

Through Skills went major with single “Makuake Sensation!”, released on 1st April 2015 under Yoshimoto R&C.

Through Skills is an idol group with 12 members. It was formed on 19th January 2013 and using generation system, there are 3 generations until now. They have released 10 singles and 2 dvds before going major.

How it went : The reported sales figure in the first week is 992 and was ranked 55th. They released simultaneous single on 3rd may 2015, “Tattaima koko de, kimitoboku dake no uta” and “Susume! Mirai Movement”. But both of that is self-produced, not under major record label.


This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some
Every year the number of the Idol Group in Japan is keep rising and rising.
Just curious, so i did a little research. There are 8 members who have been
Nippon Budokan, a well-known concert arena in Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo. The
Group Name : TSURI×BIT Status : Active Debut : 22 May 2013 (Single), 24 May

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