Kobayashi Kaho Article at Nikkei Entertainment Idol Special 2015.

14 years old Shining Brightness that gives a new freshness to the group

January 2014, at Green Dome Maebashi concert “Ore no Fujii” , together with Nakayama Riko, transfer was announced. Raised with a game of tag together with her friends in Saitama, this 14 years old girl’s charm point is her smile.

At the time of child, until now there is not much change, still a bright and nice kid who always help her teacher.

Same with the kids at the same age i have grown a bit but, with friends from elementary school still playing around the park, playing dorokei or game of tag, i’m playing too. Even now, i still playing game of tag with that friends (laugh).

              During elementary 6th grade summer holiday, I went to cousin’s place in Tokyo. Together with my mother, when we were shopping at Harajuku, i was scouted.

              I have loved to sing since Kindergarten, during the elementary school i like to listen Ikimonogakari and Superfly, and longing to become a singer in the future. But i’m too shy, i’m thinking to myself “Isn’t it better to wait until i’m at highschool.” But my mother encourage me and said, “The long-awaited chance has come, why don’t you try it?”

              I don’t know much about Idol but, i entered the agency, and become the member of the unit “Team Dai-Oh Ika”, doing handshake event, going to practice with everyone, I began to think that being Idol is fun.

              One day around October 2013, i was called by the agency and they said “Do you want to join Ebichu?”, i’m surprised “Eh, that Ebichu??” and i’m answered with “Please let me do it”.

              From watching their event “Jishuu”, i’m thinking “They’re cute”. With a surprised feel, i think this kind of chance will never come again, “I’ll call home and ask my mother”, that’s what i said but actually i have decided by myself.

              The reason why i was selected as member is, because the cheerfulness and “To give a new wind to Ebichu” , OOO and principal said it like that. But i wonder what’s the meaning of the new wind. (laugh)

              But since joining, there is a little anxiety feels. Before the Tour started, i wonder if i can remember the song and dance.

             When first announced as Ebichu member at 1 January in Green Dome Maebashi, i’m still performing with Team DaiohIka member, it was the first time to perform at that big venue, i’m very nervous until almost cry, my knee was also shaking.

             I have a great relation since before with Riko who transferred together, when she heard about i’m entering Ebichu from staff, at that time, then she said, “Then, i’ll do it too.” If i rejected the transfer, i wonder what will happen(laugh).

As Ebichu member, 21 March Schoolplay (Live) Grand Cup Osaka “Luck To The Future Part 2” was my first participation. At November “East-West Schoolplay”, i also sang a solo song for the first time.

Memorizing 20 songs in 2 months.

During the preparation of Grand Cup there wasn’t much of free time, i have practice for more than 6 hours at weekends, and memorizing more than 20 songs. When i look at it now it was so hard, but rather than suffering, there was a stronger feeling of fun. Another member also helped me, by teached me.

At the day before at the hotel room, me and Rikochan was rehearsing the choreography again. At that time, i gave myself around 60 points.

What makes most impression is Summer’s Famien. When watching Ebichu DVD, Famien seems the most fun, i wanted to try it. There are flower on the feet, but there are some happening too. When i was hit by the fountain. “Ah, i’ve got hit. But because it’s cool when wet, it’s okay”, i was think positively.

At Touzai Schoolplay when singing solo song for the first time, i’m very nervous, my colour is become a yellow colour of Chyalume. I don’t know how to put it, i’m really impressed. For my own, i think i’m doing well. Maybe around 70 points (laugh). At Touzai Schoolplay, i think it’s my first “No-miss”.

Because i’m not a good talker, I want to put more strength into talk, the singing is also a challenge. Ebichu’s level is quite high, if i want to catch up with the other, i have to work harder.

I’m getting along with the other members. Mayama told me “This is better” and she gave me a lot of another advice. Slowly, i knew the personality of the other members.

I don’t know whichy way i’ll go but, maybe become actress, I want to try it.

For the magazine scan : http://sphebichu.tumblr.com/tagged/NikkeiEntIdolSpecial2015

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