Kokaku Fudo Senki Robosan Finished!!!

Finally another completed project, after Tank Top Fighter and Nazo no Tenkousei.

Special thanks to f4rdiyan and Fishpockets for helping with this one.

Here is the complete link :

Episode 2 : http://dzidolworld.org/141024-kokaku-fu … episode-2/
Episode 3 : http://dzidolworld.org/141031-kokaku-fu … episode-3/
Episode 4 : http://dzidolworld.org/141107-kokaku-fu … episode-4/
Episode 5 : http://dzidolworld.org/141114-kokaku-fu … episode-5/
Episode 6 : http://dzidolworld.org/141121-kokaku-fu … episode-6/
Episode 7 : http://dzidolworld.org/141128-kokaku-fu … episode-7/
Episode 8 : http://dzidolworld.org/141205-kokaku-fu … episode-8/
Episode 9 : http://dzidolworld.org/141212-kokaku-fu … episode-9/
Episode 10 : http://dzidolworld.org/141219-kokaku-fu … pisode-10/
Episode 11 : http://dzidolworld.org/141226-kokaku-fu … pisode-11/

So with all of the (available) episode subbed, i want to ask all of you :
1. Which episode you like the best? Why?
2. Which character you like the best? Why?

If there is a lot of people who answer, i’ll pick one or two best answer and sub/translate 1 video of your choice (Any idol) …  XD

You can put your answer here in the comment section or at Robosan thread in momoclo.net. thanks for your participation~

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2 thoughts on “Kokaku Fudo Senki Robosan Finished!!!”

  1. Hello, First of all, thank you for your big effort for the ROBOSAN translation to english, I really enjoyed the show. I have a Fanpage in spanish for promoting Ebichu, I hope you can give me permission to take your english translation and make the spanish version. I do not want to make profit, just to share ebichu love to latin america. My Facebook page is :

    twitter: @ebichu_mx


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