Kumada Rinka to Challenge Her First Drama! (Interview)

The Charismatic Middle Schooler! Nicola model, Kumada Rinka, 20th May, finally actress debut.

There, at the secret garden where the boy is forbidden, this drama will depicts various events that happen in middle school’s girl toilet in rich realistic and entertainment color manner. Together with name like Aonami Jun and Yoshida Rinne, Rinka will work as middleschooler with dual nature, Sasaki, enthusiastically. Rinka who is expected to success in the future have beautifully demonstrated her talent. Then as a model, also about the drama, we interviewed her. Middleschool girl now is amazing!

――Since when you have admiration for the showbiz?
I like to be photographed since i was small. At first i want to be a ballerina but,  at 4th grade of elementary school i started reading Nicola, and i think i want to be a model. I want to be like Furuhata Hoshinatsu, who is at the same office.

――How do you feel the first time looking at Nicola?
I thought it was amazing. However, at first rather than interested with the fashion、I was interested with the manga that published in Nicola magz (lol). It was around the 5th grade that i interested in fashion.

――I wonder what part that make you attracted to model?
I think i want to be a presence that also spreading the smile. So i took part in 2012 Nicomo (Nicola Model) Audition.

――Do you have confidence during the audition?
It will be good once familiar with, that kind of feeling(lol). At the time, i’m not very tall. Besides, during the second screening everyone looks so mature, i was calm. During the audition i came with my mom but, at the way home she said “It will be a good experience”. That’s why i’m surprised when i was told that i pass.

That’s right. The feeling that i want to be Nicola Model is strong. But if i think about it now, it feels amazing.

「小学校六年生でモデルとして活動するようになって、当時はそこがどういう世界がわかってなくて、すごく甘く考えてたんですよね。だから、思うようにポー ジングや表情ができなくて、何度も泣いて帰りました。でも、私自身負けず嫌いなのでそこからいっぱい勉強をして。ただ、辛いと思ったことはないです。毎日 楽しいです! 自分の好きなことをやっているので」

――As a model the everyday clothes is hard, right? Because everyone is always paying attention.
It is hard. We have to be careful everytime.

――But you got the first rank in Nicola’s “Everyday clothes general election”.
「そうなんですよ! すごく嬉しかったです。最初その企画を聞いたときは不安だったんですけど、いろいろな雑誌を読みあさってかなり勉強しました(笑)。みんながどういうコーデが好きか考えて、そこに流行も入れて」

――What is your favorite coordination recently?

――This time, “Joshi Toire” will be your first drama, but the title is awesome , right?

――Usually, is incident really happens in toilet?
It is. Even today (lol). Something that you can’t said in front of class will be talked in toilet.

――So, boy will learn a lot of thing when watching this drama, right?
Maybe. Of course girl can watch it while comparing it to themselves with a fun feeling.

――This is your first challenge as an actress, how is it?
I haven’t seen that side before, Starting from the situation where i didn’t know anything…… Anyway it’s hard.  Actually i didn’t have a good memory, so it’s hard to remember the word.

――Acting isn’t hard?
It was hard. Unlike being model, We are moving during acting, sometime it’s hard to move because of nervousness. But this time, because there are a lot of girl with the same age, it was fun, that helped me.

――What you learned the most during the shooting?

――According to you, what is the highlight of this drama?
「みんなキャラクター、個性がすごくて、物語もあるあるって思いながら、最終的には“ありえないでしょ~”みたいな展開になってたり、すごく面白いです。 私が演じてる佐々木も女子特有の二面性があって……。全12話、毎回テーマが違っていて、各回で様々な人にスポットライトが当てられるんですけど、佐々木 は徐々にまわりに本性がバレていくって感じで。そこはぜひ注目していただければと思います」

――You are still a middleschooler, is it hard to balance between the work and study?
It’s hard! Especially unlike elementary school, middle school has a routine test. Now that i’ve used to it, i started to study during the shooting.

――Do you have your own study method?
I like to summarize thing in looseleaf beautifully. But the result of it is a bit……. Anyway it’s just like self-satisfactory feeling (lol)


――Do you usually check the foreign brand?
I didn’t, but i do recently. I look at instagram. I also look at it a while ago (lol)

――What makes you happy the most?
I like to go shopping during the holiday but, after all to spend holiday at home is really fun. While listening to the music, eventually i’d end up writing blog or reading magazine (lol)

――What kind of music do you listen to?
Western music. Recently something like Taylor Swift.

――Do you admiring to be a singer?
I’d sing quite a lot at home but, I’m not good with singing in public. Also at music class in school, i can’t sing because too nervous. If someone is watching it is bit….

――The people whom you admire?
There is a lot but, Eri Rose. When i went to Tokyo Girls Collection for the first time, i greeted her, i thought she was cool and she is friendly. The aura is also very strong, i think i want to be someone like her.

――Last one, what is your dream?
First of all, i want to grow as a nicola model. And with this first drama, i think i also want to challenge more acting in the future.



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