LPG Vol.1

This is live report of LPG vol.1 .
What is LPG?? >> http://www.lespros.co.jp/special/lpg/
The line-up for this time is :
-Ooya Rikako (Babyraids)
-Takami Nao (Babyraids)
-Ookawa Ai (Idoling!!)
-Kikuchi Ami (Idoling!!)
-Fumika Shimizu
-Uchida Rio
-Shimogaki Madoka
-Ono Erena

This event was lasted for 1 hour.
They're divided to 4 group of 2 and sang a song .
Blue Team : Uchida Rio x Shimogaki Madoka – Ryuusei no Kuchizuke(9nine)
Red Team : Ono Erena x Ooya Rikako – Senbon Zakura
Yellow Team : Kikuchi Ami x Takami Nao – Yawarakai Heart(Idoling!!!)
Green Team : Fumika Shimizu x Okawa Ai – Shoujo Traveler(9nine)

Some MC, they were doing some Monomane.

Then closed with "Koyomi no Ue de Ha December" together…

Plus announcement, LPG vol.2 will be held Summer 2014.

Here is the list of LesPros Talent : Section 1 : Mainly Actor and Actress
I dont know why i want to write this article, but i've fallen in love
This is the major single part 3, For 1st and 2nd part, please check here
This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some
Every year the number of the Idol Group in Japan is keep rising and rising.

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