Maku ga Agaru English Subtitle


This is english subtitle for Maku ga Agaru, a movie starring Momoiro Clover Z members. This is not machine-translated from chinese sub.

This is must-see for Momoclo’s fans, but even if you’re not fan, you can still enjoy this. There will be some little part that isn’t subbed, not gonna be much problem i think. and enjoy~

This sub is dedicated for my current favorite idol, who is also a Momoclo’s fan, Utat-sama

As always, no hardsubbing, embedding, streaming, reuploading this sub anywhere.

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This is english subtitle for the said videos from Momoclo’s official channel.Subtitle link :
This is english subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling Episode 9 : Timer : Spineyrequiem, dobod Translator
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