Million Doll English Scanlation (Chapter 23~)

The other day my friend told me about this manga about Idol and their wotas, and it’s really interesting, even though the drawing isn’t really polished, but it is interesting. It has been adapted to anime too, so make sure to check it out. The manga is written by Ai.

So, when i’m looking for the manga, i found that it has been scanlated up to chapter 22, while the raw has been released up to chapter 70. It seems the scanlator has gone MIA, so i decided to take it over from where they left off.

I read the previous chapter here :

This is a free webcomic and you can check it here :

The story is quite simple, there are 4 main character : 1 wota that being charismatic and always go to the live performance, 1 wota that used the power of internet to make her favorite idols more famous, 1 local idol groups and 1 idol that has talent. The main story is about the idol’s struggle and the friction between both wota.

Well, it’s an easy story so it’s good if you can read it.

And here you go :

Chapter 23

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