ModelTalks [Kumada Rinka] Vol.2



Continuing from last week, Nicola's top model, Kumada Rinka!

Winning grand prize in Nicola exclusive model audition in 6th years of elementary school. She quickly became popular since the first time appeared on magazine, now she become the central attention alongside many of her senior.


Long legs, like a doll and a friendly cute smile. It can be said that she is natural model and would be lovely wearing any kind of clothes.

「ニコラが出発点だったのは本当に良かったと思います。モデル仲間の子とも仲が良くて、一緒に遊びに行くこともあります。学校とモデルの仕事の両立は大変なところもあるけれど, とにかく撮影の仕事が大好きなのでまったく気になりません。これからは広告やCMの仕事にもどんどんチャレンジしていきたいです」

"I think the starting point at Nicola is a good one. I got along very well with fellow child models, sometimes we go to play together.  Sometime there's a problem of balancing between school and work, but it's okay, because i love my work. I want to challange more and more CM work for now."


Kumada-san talking about her future goal with a sparkling eyes.

"But i really just an ordinary student everyday. So, after doing a lot of model work, there's some feeling that i can't change, something like my favourite clothes.






久間田琳加 久間田琳加 久間田琳加 久間田琳加

In charge of training and MC growth, sometime the Coolness switch is on! In the
14 years old Shining Brightness that gives a new freshness to the group January 2014,
今週は雑誌『ニコラ』のモデルとして大活躍! 12歳の将来有望モデル、久間田琳加さんの登場です! This week will featuring someone who got a big success as a model for
2014-08-17 16:21:52 もしもーし*.☆ Helloりんかだよー(*´ω`*)Rinka here昨日の1時間店長とa-nationに Yesterday, 1 hour store manager and a-nation来てくれたみなさんfor everyone who came,ありがとうございましたThank
2014-08-12 16:00:53 もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*)Rinka here私服載せようかな This is my clothesギンガムワンピース°♡ Lost&Found Gingham Dress Lost&Foundバック°♡ WEGO

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