New Single Releases for December

Idol’s Single that will be released in December :

  • Idol College – Ichizu Recipe (2015/12/02)

This is 7th Single as Idol College and is the opening theme for Anime “Shomin Sample”. There are 10 version in total. The first version is Anime version which cost 2000yen, consisted of 5 tracks plus DVD Bonus. The other version is individual member version in which they sang solo of Ichizu Recipe, the available version is Nozomi Kawaoto, Misaki Inaba, Shioka Ishizuka, Anju Kawato, Yuka Ebihara, Julia Tomita, Yui Nakajima, Kisaki Saito, Chisato Minami, the price is 926 yen each. Released by Stand-up Records! , Universal Music.

  • X21 – Magical☆Kiss (2015/12/02)


This is X21’s 6th Single and also the theme for Anime “Jewel Pet Magical Change”. There are 2 version CD Only (right) and CD+DVD (left). The price is 1296 yen and 1944 yen respectively. Contains 4 tracks.








  • POP – Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky (2015/12/08)

The 1st single of POP after changing the name and the 3rd single overall. The price is 1080yen and consisted of only 1 version with 4 tracks.





  • AKB48 – Kuchibiru ni be my baby (2015/12/09)


AKB48’s 42nd Single, consisted of 4 type for each, limited and regular version.

  • Takoyaki Rainbow – Kuribocchi One Day!! (2015/12/16)
Takoyaki Rainbow’s 5th single. There are 4 types, 2 of which are limited version. Each consisted of 3 tracks except the venue limited edition which have 2.
  • E-Girls – MerryxMerry Xmas (2015/12/23)

This is 15th Single of E-girls, Released in 3 versions, CD, CD+DVD and 1-coin single. the price is 1800yen, 1200yen and 500yen respectively. This song is used for TVCM.

  • Negicco – Attotekina Style (NEGiBAND Version) (2015/12/26)

Released in 2 versions : Cardboard sleeves version and 7inch version., the price is 1300 yen and 1500 yen. This is limited release and there will be special performance for the 7inch version.




  • Morning Musume.’15 – Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi/Endless Sukai/One and Only (2015/12/29)

This is 60th Single of Morning Musume and will be another triple-A sides single. There are 3 versions for each limited and regular version. The limited version is 1600 yen while the regular version is 1000 yen.

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This is english subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling Episode 8 : Timer : msaftian, dobod Translator
This is english subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling Episode 7 : Timer+Translator : dobod Timer+QC :
This is subtitle for Tofu Pro Wrestling Episode 6 : Timer+Translator : dobod QC :
This is english subtitle for Tofu Prowrestling Episode 5 : Timer+Translator : dobod QC :

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