Overconfidence (Murata Hirona)

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We’ve participated in Niconico Chokaigi,


In a nice stage of niconico ultra music festival, We were singing 4 songs that been said as godly setlist by a lot of people.


There is a lot of people who didn’t know 9nine in the venue, during the performance they seems having fun too.


Without nervousness, why there is feeling of leeway more than it should be.

It can be interpreted in a good way, but for me it a sign of overconfidence

Come to think of it,

自信過剰と自意識過剰の意味違うって言うけど、その違いに未だ気づけてない18歳overconfidence and self-consciousness meaning are different, but i haven’t noticed the difference in this 18 years old.


Even though vaguely understand the atmosphere, other than that atmosphere however the heart isn’t entirely caught there, something like that!!

わかっていただけましたか?^ ^

Did you understand? (T/N : I don’t understand orz)


I’ll be waiting in Tour.

2016-04-27 19:42:49 Original Post <!--more--> このあいだ、 For the meantime, レプロアスター所属の小学5.6年生とダンスレッスンをしました I was doing dance lesson
This is a translation of Full Chorus just the Hirona part, there is still a
2015-12-31 14:58:56 Original post 2015年も本日で終わりですね 2015 will be ended today. 今年は This year ライブをたくさん、ほんとにたくさんさせていただいた年でしたね There
2015-10-13 00:19:18 Original Post 村田コレクションズ Murata Collections なんてノーマルなタイトルなんだろうか… Somehow it feels like a normal title..
2015-09-20 19:29:48 Original Post こんにちは Hello ブログも頑張れとの声をいただきましたので、 Since i've received a good luck voice from

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