Pajama Farm√13

Group Name : Pajama Farm√13 (Short name : Pajaru)
Status : Active
Debut : 29 July 2013 at Aruaru YY Theater.
Base : Kitakyushu, Fukuoka (Local Idol)
Member : 8 (Nacchan, Okapi, Moekoru, Aripyon, Kyon, Fuumin, Yukarin, Megumin)
Discography : 1 Mini-album.
Affiliation : Yoshimoto Creative Agency.
Social Networking Services :Twitter | Youtube

Pajaru is an Idol group based in Kitakyushu, their slogan is "Pajama Force Woman power!!". Their main goal is to promote Kitakyushu Agricultural Specialty Products and helping local activities in Kyushu. They started with 18 members, 10 from YY Dream Audition while the other 8 is from PajaColle Hakata that was operated by College Student in Fukuoka City. So, Pajaru was born with aim to grows up freely.
The name Pajama Farm √13 has a meaning :
Pajama : Their Basic costume is Pajama
Farm : You can compare it to farm, Born from YY Theater farm, then growing freely and loosely.
√13 : National Highway Route 10 and Route 3, that combined number of National Highway that expanding to Kagoshima.
But because half of them is a college student, they have difficulty in balancing between the works, academic and job hunting, at March 2014 8 members remaining. But, Nagata got a regular radio program and helping with local activities, she still became the leader even after graduating from college.

Original Song
Mini Album : Tommorow ~ Ashita no kazeninotte

1) Ito Natsuki
Nickname : Nacchan
Birthdate : 20 November 1993
Blood Type : A
Twitter : @pajaruu13_natu
Blog :
Representing : Asparagus

2) Okano Yui (from Pajakore Hakata)
Nickname : Okapii
Birthdate : 26 Mei 1993
Blood Type : A
Twitter : @pajaruu13_okapi
Blog :
Representing : Tomato

3) Sakino Moe
Nickname : Moe
Birthdate : 19 January 1994
Blood Type : B
Twitter : @pajaruu13_moe
Blog :
Representing : Strawberry

4) Arisa Shiomi (from Pajakore Hakata)
Nickname : Aripyon
Birthdate : 29 May 1993
Blood Type : AB
Twitter : @pajaruu13_arip
Blog :
Representing : Green pepper

5) Kyoko Seikoba (from Pajakore Hakata)
Nickname : Kyon
Birthdate : 18 September 1993
Blood Type : B
Twitter : @pajaruu13_kyon
Blog :
Representing : Okra

6) Nakashima Fumina (Sub-leader)
Nickname : Fuumin
Birthdate : 6 April 1993
Blood Type : O
Twitter : @pajaruu13_fum
Blog :
Representing : Cabbage

7) Yukari Nagata (Leader)
Nickname : Yukarin
Birthdate : 30 March 1992
Blood Type : O
Twitter : @pajaruu13_mitu
Blog :
Representing : Trefoil

8) Megumi Hata
Nickname : Megumin
Birthdate : 21 June 1993
Blood Type : A
Twitter : @pajaruu13_megu
Blog :
Representing : Potato

This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some
Every year the number of the Idol Group in Japan is keep rising and rising.
Just curious, so i did a little research. There are 8 members who have been
Nippon Budokan, a well-known concert arena in Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo. The
November 11 [Tue], 2014, 11:30皆さん初めまして! Everyone, nice to meet you! 南沙良(みなみ さら)です(*´∇`) I'm Minami Sara

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