Poker Face Interview : Kawashima Umika

"I want a lot of people to watch 9nine as artist on it's own"

Releasing the album that showing the future of 9nine "Magi9 Playland" at july, and will hold Budokan Concert "9nine Dream Live in Budokan" , Kawashima Umika. As a member of 9nine and as herself, Let's hear about what is in her heart.

Including the Budokan, You have got a lot of Live in this summer.

Kawashima : I've always thinking about a lot of concept for concert by myself, among them there are cherished feels of 9nine, with that in hand i want to go to various places. I think i want to be a group that sell the performance above the others. Because of that, not with just the song, but also the dance, is building up the performance. I think i want a lot of people to watch us as artist on our own.

About the stage concept, is there something you can talk to everyone?

Kawashima : When it came to live at a big scale, the producer usually thinks a lot about it, but in case of ordinary event we allowed to think about the setlist by ourselves, also deciding what we like to speak between the songs. But regardless of the scale, the experiences that we gained from that various event, have became important things for us. If you watched 9nine for the first time, something like "What kind of performance they will do?" "How should i react to this song?" and with that thinking, watching silently. And how to make people like that liven up without hestitation, i'm learning it during the event.

In 2013, as a live act, 9nine has grown a lot.

Kawashima : Yes. But, we still need to work harder, and with the new album "Magi9 Playland", i think it will be nice to be able to tell a lot of people about nice music of 9nine.

I think Magi9 Playland is a good album.

Kawashima : But i'm bit worried that maybe not many people like that kind of music.

But, i think the melody is really has 9nine feels.

Kawashima : Yeah. The lyrics are also life-sized, I think girls of the same age (with us) will also like it. I think the sound will gives you power with the explosion, still i want to hear the impression from other people. I think there will be a slight different perception between male and female when hearing this album. I want to listen to it during commuting. I hope you will get a feeling of increasing energy since morning.

There is Live feel, right?

Kawashima : Yes. When you listen carefully, there are some voices changing, also there are clearly perceptible sound and sometime the beating backsound, these are different for each song. But it matches perfectly. That's why, it will feel like coming to our live, and i think you'll enjoy this album.

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