Poker Face Interview : Kawashima Umika (Part 2)

Through the album production, what kind of 9nine you feels?
Kawashima : What i feel is, maybe what makes 9nine feels so 9nine isn't just us, but everyone is also participating and makes it complete. Also for this album, in each of the song, the performance and also the choreography, there are ideas from various of people that representing 9nine.  and our feelings are reflected in there too. Because we must deliver it precisely to the fans, that's why i think our responsibilities is big.

Even so, You will continue to evolve at a highspeed, won't you?
Kawashima : We have tried song of various genres so far, but recently is very awesome! I mean, the diversity and the new fans have been increasing. In particular, i realized that girl fans have increased.

Kawashima-san was still teenager when joining 9nine, this year you have became 20, are there any changes?
Kawashima : A lot. I said earlier "Sense of responsibilities", it is….. But, i think the nice thing about the teens is you can challenge anything just with curiousity. Or i can say, nothing to fear. There are places that you can thrust just with feels. I don't want to lose that, but there is a portion that still ends up until now. However, now my opinion on responsibility has firmly increased, now i want to be a woman that has passed the childish phase.

For example, compared to your work as an actress, what kind of feel you have for the music?
Kawashima : Recently i feel it is better but, that is part that create a "new me", It is also place to communicate my acting. Like changing facial expression according to the song, It is a fun place. But the stage isn't just a place to acting in front of people, Live is a place to perform in front of everyone. Together with the fans to enliven the venue, there is still difficulties in that. Originally, it is not that the dance and the sing in front of people weren't good, i just didn't have the confidence from the start. But now i have my confidence.

Looking from the perspective of an actress, there isn't much who reached this far as a musician, isn't it?
Kawashima : Anyway, all i have done in 9nine is a valuable experience, we want to thrive everytime. I believe i was growing little by little by doing so, i want to keep challenge myself in the future.

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