Poker Face Interview : Murata Hirona

I want to be a group that makes people said "The song and the dance are great"

Have appeared for the second consecutive years in "Rock in Japan Festival" , Standing on the stage for this summer event, Performance girls unit, 9nine. Their Budokan concert is getting closer, it is scheduled at 21st of this month. And toward "9nine Dream Live in Budokan", continuing from Kawashima Umika's interview from the last time, this time we will interviewing Murata Hirona. I want you to feel the passion that was hidden on her heart.

In this 1 year, surely your view towards live is changing, what kind of changes for you?

Murata :For me, it is when i'm wondering "What 9nine will be?", I want to be a group that makes people said "The songs and the dances are amazing". For example, on the event that just had 30 minutes time, we must use the time effectively for dance corner on the stage and then we will review the performance thoroughly. (?)

I began to think like this about 1 year ago. I gradually accustomed with something like Call&Response and Waving a towel, it makes me want to be able to enjoy it more with everyone.

You have performed in many event in this year's summer, by standing on the stage in various situation, you have improved a lot, haven't you?

Murata : Mainly on courage/confidence. I were allowed to feel many kind of genres, and everytime, the audience reaction is also different. I were nervous for the first time, but after a few times, i started to build up the confidence. When we are trying to appeal to the audience, everyone response is always great, with that kind of experience, now i have my courage.

In case of one-man live, i think the person who came to watch us are important, it makes us feels like at home, that is makes me realized that what are they doing is so important. For example, during live we explained "Waves the towel from this part", and they will quickly response "Ee~?", and then when it comes to the part, just saying "Towel waves", everyone are responsing and waves their towel.

It is about the new album, finally the aimed path of 9nine might be clearly visible. Not just going with the cute looks.

Murata : This time in "Magi9 Playland", might contain a lot of music with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) style, with that kind of cool music, it makes me want to dance all-out. Something like cute song and refreshing song, there are a lot of unique 9nine song but, with this album i want you all to feel the core of our music.


Maybe, i think for people who knows 9nine for the first time when listening to this album, will immediately understand what kind of group we are. And for people who are supporting us until now, they maybe thinking "So, 9nine is going with this kind of music now", overall i think this is an easy-listening album.

Your feeling towards fans.

Murata : When i'm doing the hi-touch or during the event, the people who said that they have became a fan were increased. Things like that (Increasing fans) makes me think that we are blessed with this wonderful music, It makes us want to do the dancing and singing better and give them a hot performance. (Complete)

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