Rinka Kumada, Nicomo Q&A

Nicola First Appearance : October 2012
Nickname : Rinka c
Birthplace : Tokyo
*The other biodata same with the previous post in this lj.

Q : Why do you start to became a model?
A : Because i want to be a model from a young age myself, and my friends also recommending it.

Q : You like fashion, what is your favourite brand?
A : My favourite brands are repipi armario, INGNI, WC, Lindsay and titty&co♥ My favourite fashion item is flower-shaped accessory

Q : Your favourite character?
A : Kuma-tan and My Melody☆

Q : Your favourite color?
A : Pink and Lemon Yellow

Q : What is your hobby and special skill?
A : My hobby is shopping and fasion↑↑ My special skills are classical ballet, forward roll and Y-shaped balancing☆ミ

Q : 1 word to describe yourself?
A : Smile(・v・)

Q : What is your dream?
A : To be an active model

Q : Person whom you admired?
A : Kiritani Mirei, Tsubasa Honda, Ellie Rose

Q : What are you doing at day off?
A : Go out!

Q : How to relieve your stress?
A : Laugh a lot!

Q : Your boy type?
A : Gentle, interesting and can do sports

Q : How to care your beauty?
A : Massage and stretch

Q : How is your character at home and school?
A : always chherful

Q : Something you get really like?
A : Choker and foreign sweets

Q : Message to the reader?
A : Hello, This year and also last year, i’m able to play an active part as a model at Nicola. But while working hard for it i wont forget to smile brightly. Thank you for your support.

Fanletter : sent to
〒141-0021 東京都品川区上大崎3-1-1 JR東急目黒ビル16F
レプロエンタテインメント「久間田 琳加 あて」

2015-02-23 20:50:02 Source もしもーし*.☆ Hello りんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here 14歳になりました!!! I've become 14 years old!!!! みんなブログとTwitterに
2015-01-12 20:55:21 もしもーし*.☆Helloりんかだよー(*´ω`*)Rinka here昨日の撮影の私服UPするねI'll tell you about my clothes during yesterday's shoot.最近のお気に入りの撮り方 My favourite pose
2014-12-31 17:00:08 もしもーし*.☆Helloりんかだよー(*´ω`*)Rinka here2014年、みなさんありがとうございましたThis 2014, Everyone, thank you very much みんなのコメント、ファンレやイベントでニコ読ちゃんに会ったり…!Everyone's comment, fanletter, also meeting
2014-08-31 20:00:45 もしもーし*.☆ Helloりんかだよー(*´ω`*) Rinka here今日はファンレを載せるね Today, i received the fanletter 本当にありがとう Thank you very
2014-08-17 16:21:52 もしもーし*.☆ Helloりんかだよー(*´ω`*)Rinka here昨日の1時間店長とa-nationに Yesterday, 1 hour store manager and a-nation来てくれたみなさんfor everyone who came,ありがとうございましたThank

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