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Welome to My New Idol World.

This site will be the continuation of my both site at tumblr and livejournal. I have automatically imported the content from both site to here, so there may be some weird format or something like that, bear with it.

If you want to retranslate, reupload or do anything other than for your own pleasure to my work, please ask me first, we can talk.

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So, welcome and have fun here~

This is the continuation from the last part, some latest major debuting idols and some
Every year the number of the Idol Group in Japan is keep rising and rising.
Just curious, so i did a little research. There are 8 members who have been
Nippon Budokan, a well-known concert arena in Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo. The
November 11 [Tue], 2014, 11:30皆さん初めまして! Everyone, nice to meet you! 南沙良(みなみ さら)です(*´∇`) I'm Minami Sara