Full Chorus #19 20150825 (9nine)

This is a translation of Full Chorus just the Hirona part, there is still a lot other, i’ll try to translate the whole show (and make it as a sub if i have a time) later. So here you go :

-Introduction of 9nine-

-Talking about the Tour/Budokan-

-Performance of Re:

-Talk about Hiroro

Becky : I heard that Murata can play guitar and drum, and also creating the choreography for 9nine song, D.N.A?

Hiro : Yes, that’s right.

Becky : Awesome, you can do a lot of things.

Hiro : I play guitar and drum as a hobby, but creating a choreography is my first time with that song. Before, i sometime creating a choreography to another artist song and dance it by myself. Then i asked the manager “let me try”, and he said ok. Then i made that choreography for 9nine.

Becky : You are a creator, you seems can do anything.

Hiro : no, no , no. It’s quite difficult. The difference with making it for myself is for 5 peoples, i need to think about the structure too. It was like a puzzle. For example, if this girl is in the center, how the other revolved around her, how everyone put in the center, there is a lot of things to think.

Becky : Something like formation. By the way how is the feel of that song?

Hiro : It has a feel that everyone is chasing something. Like looking everywhere, then running.

Charpon : Somehow it feels like Mario.

Kanae : Because there is a theme, it’s quite easy. Hiro is really cool.

Hiro : But, sometime everyone said “Isn’t it better to be like this?”, but anyhow this is the choreography that i thought and i want it like i thought, i was allowed to be like a teacher.

Becky : Is there any friction.

Hiro : Just a bit.

Becky : It’s something like “To make an awesome product.”?

Hiro : Yes.

-Talk about My Only One-

-My Only Performance-

2015-01-01 12:54:47 みーーーんなああああ!! Everyooooonnneee!カウントダウンLIVE、無事終わりましたよおおお!!The Countdown Live was over successfully!!大晦日を一緒に過ごしてくれた方、ニコ生視聴されてた方もありがとう。For those who spent the new year
With the forthcoming Budokan Live preparation in hand, 9nine Kansai-sisters are talking about the DVD
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