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2016-04-06 23:26:44 Original Post
I’ve announced at today’s live
Me, Kawashima Umika, will quit from 9nine activities from July.
To tell this suddenly, i’m sorry to surprised you.
I’ve started 9nine activities since 13 years old, and i got a lot of experience.
To said that my youth is all for 9nine is not an exaggeration.


But two years ago, when the Budokan performance decided, i think deeply about my future, and i have a sense of crisis if i remain like this.
Doing both 9nine and actress, either of it is end up in a half-baked state. My acting is still immature, there is also myself that didn’t have confidence.
That’s why, the most thing that i want to do, i think i want to have more confidence on it.
The most thing that i want to do is acting works, i want to continue challenge a lot of things, i want to put myself on it.
Activities at 9nine, encounter that happened during that time, it was fun time for me and i’ll treasure it.
So that everything i got at 9nine won’t get wasted, i decided to face the road with all of my own power.


Until July, as Kawashima Umika from 9nine, let’s meet again at event or live. Please give me your support from now on too.

SAKURA cloud9に来てくださったみなさん、ありがとうございました★

For those who came to SAKURA cloud9, thank you very much
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