To everyone (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku)


Thanks for always supporting Ebichu.

On 8 February Heisei Year 29, Matsuno Rina has passed away.

I sincerely pray for her soul. This is the message from the member.

——————Mayama Rika—————————-

Our importand member, important friends and sister to me, Matsumoto Rina has passed away.

With this sudden farewell, it feel like there is a big hole created in my heart.

She is taller than me since the first time we met, Rina doesn’t look like her age, she speak so innocently, she is really a child.

Because she is pure and easily cry, i felt like i had a big little sister, but it was Rina who always extended hand first when i frustated.

Matsuno Rina taught me to hold hands and support each other.

I think Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku is a group that can hold each other hands.

From now on with her feelings, this 7 people will walk hand in hand.

Rinanan, Thanks for giving love to Ebichu, Rinanan’s father and mother, thanks for making it possible to met her.

And for Ebichu Family, let’s cry together for now, then let’s laugh together once again.

Attendance Number 3 , Mayama Rika.

———————————Yasumoto Ayaka——————

We make everyone worried.

On 8th February, our important member, Matsuno Rina has passed away.

I still can’t believe it. I honestly can’t understand these things, because it’s the first time for me.

I went to Rina several times, i was able to send her off too, I was relieved that she has a very peaceful expression.

For myself, it’s still painful. I feel sad and lonely.

But it’s strange. When i remember my memory with Rina, i feel easiest.

That’s because for me all the time i spent with Rina was a good time.

Matsuno is loved by many people. I also love Matsuno. But because i couldn’t say it easily because i’m shy, but i love her and i can’t deny it. Because she is important friend of me. Because she is a good friend. We can talk about anything and be ourselves.

I just received good things from Rina, I’m really grateful for everything that Rina did for me!

On the other hand, I wonder did i give a good memories for Rina? Is her memory of me not just a good things but also a painful things? Was i a bitter existence for Rina? What a negative thought.

I know that saying such things will make me sad. I don’t understand my feelings.

I’m sorry, even though i usually able to speak anything, i don’t even know what i want to talk about now.

But one thing i want to say, Let’s give a lot of love for Rina together. Let’s cherish all of the memories we had with Rina.

The strongest 8 people! With Rina in minds, keep facing forward, Ebichu will continue to the future!

To not make Rina worried, Don’t lose sight of yourself, keep believe in yourself and keep pushing forward!

I might be not 100% yet for now. I might let you down with my figure and remarks, Honestly, i’m still not confident.

But, little by little, i hope we can share a wonderful time together. Please wait for it!

Attendance Number 5, Yasumoto Ayaka.

————————-Hirota Aika—————————–

To write it here, that’s mean everything is true. Honestly, i still didn’t want to believe it.

To be able to accept this, will take a time.

On the night when you rest on 7th, we talked about onigiri. “In the end i ate 3 onigiris”, you told me that, and then i replied “Then let’s eat 5 tommorow”. After that we were having fun and send each other a funny videos. You said to me, “It’s been a while since laughing this much it might left a dimple.”

It still feel like if i send something, you’ll still reply.

From anywhere always really cute, a really really cute girl.

I can’t touch that pure white hand anymore, it feel so lonely and sad.

I still have a lot of things that i wanted to tell you.

Rinanan, thanks.

I love you, really love you.


————————————-Hoshina Mirei——————–

I don’t know how to express it in words, there is no such a painful blog.

Rina, it has been 7 years since we joined Ebichu together. You always by my side, casually smiling, i thought such days will continue forever. But naturally it all will disappear. At first, it feel like there was a big hole in my heart, when i came back home i closed my eyes i saw you, and thinking that it is just a bad dream, i couldn’t accept reality, i didn’t want to accept it myself.
When we attended funeral ceremony(before cremation or burial), a certain person came up to me and Hinata and said to us.
“I was worried about whether I should tell you the truth or not. Rina is here. She is now saying thanks everyone.”

When i heard that words, i can’t stop crying. Until the last day, Rina is Ebichu, always on the same number, by my side. Loving Ebichu.
Rina, please continue to live beautifully within our heart and also in Ebichu Family’s heart.
There is still a lot of things that i want to tell, but i want to quiet my mind for now.
“Please do your best for Rina too.”, that’s the word from her parents. With this 8 people, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku will keep doing the best.  I still can’t look far forward, but all the support from Ebichu Family will encourage member, please keep giving your support from now on.
Attendance Number 7, Hoshina Mirei.

————————————-Kashiwagi Hinata——————–

It was so sudden, i still can’t believe it even now.

She always by my side, we often work together too.

When i got on a ferris wheel for a program, i told her “I was very very anxious to be back to Ebichu”, and she said, “It is not Ebichu without Hinata”, he said it normally, i’m really happy.

Right now i want to say, “It is not Ebichu without Rina”.

Isshō issho īssho? Sorosoro kuru zo bonsai girl.

There are 3 songs that we sang together. We often got together in campaign, we also appeared on a program together, the attendance number and during self-introduction, it always Rina next to me.

Even though we have became 7 people, Matsuno Rina will always by my side. And in my heart Ebichu will always be 8 people.

I have to keep moving forward, or Rina will scold us. From now on let’s laugh together, let’s cry together.

I’m Hinata, The sunshine will exist as long as blue sky is forever I will continue waiting for you in the sunshine, Hinata and Matsuno.

Attendance number 10, Kashiwagi Hinata.

————————————-Kobayashi Kaho——————–

When looking at her for the last time, i said a lot of thanks. Even though i know that it is reality, i’m still looking forward to meet you tommorow or day after tommorow, it feels like you’ll reply if i send you a mail.

I was called Twin Tower together with Rinanan, i was very happy about it.

Your face was really beautiful during the last parting. It’s impossibly beautiful as always.

Rinanan loves Ebichu family and the staff and Ebichu itself, i love that Rinanan. I was really glad to be able to meet Rinanan. Thank you very much.

Even though it’s painful for everyone, it might be lonely. But Rinanan will watch over us, let’s get over it together, let’s do our best for Rinanan too.

I think she will live forever as an idol in everyone’s heart.

Attendance Number 11, Kobayashi Kaho.


—————————-Nakayama Riko————————-

I wonder how to write this feeling, But because it’s my own, i’ll write it my own way.

As an important member, and also a model whom i admire, it won’t ever change.

Rinanan, i love you. Really really really love you.

All i remember is a good things, there is nothing else but a good things. Thanks for all the good memories.

I sincerely pray for the soul.

And for all of Ebichu Family that always cheering us, please keep support Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.

This isn’t the only place to talk about my thought, There must be a lot of interesting and cute story of Rinanan that can make everyone smile or laugh from all of the member, i want to talk about it. Everyone too, don’t lost to member, if you have such a story, please also tell us.

Attendance Number 12, Nakayama Riko.

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Source Thanks for always supporting Ebichu. On 8 February Heisei Year 29, Matsuno Rina has
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