Stardom Korakuen 14 June 2015 Card Press Conference

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Stardom Galaxy Star 2015 (14 June 2015 at Korakuen Hall)

  • Kato Yu vs Hatsunohide Kamen
  • Hazuki Reo vs Thunder Rosa
  • Chelsea vs Melissa
  • Goddess of Stardom : Io Shirai&Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Starfire&Nicky Storm
  • World of Stardom : Kairi Hojo (c) vs Meiko Satomura (Sendai girls)

Stardom Galaxy Star 2015 (20 June 2015 at Shinkiba 1st Ring)

  • Wonder of Stardom : Io Shirai (c) vs Starfire

Press Conference

GM Fuka and Kairi Hojo greeting before Card announcement

Fuka : “Before card announcement GM and player representative will give a greeting. This time regarding Yoshiko retirement that led into confusion, we’re really sorry. Altough we’ve commited to do the best for both parties, it became like this.  At 14th (during Korakuen Hall) , Yoshiko want to say it by herself, i’m sorry if it makes you worried but, please wait for awhile for a moment. Please understand. And then about Koguma, she will miss the show because of family circumstance. We’ll announce more information later, please understand that.

Hojo : “Fuka-san has said it all but as player representative, this time in regards of Yoshiko matters a lot of fans, customer, and then for staff have give a lot of trouble, for all of the worries we apologize from the bottom of my heart. For Yoshiko, for Koguma, i’ve speak with Fuka-san, maybe there is not much i can do as player representative, to protect player harmony, and to connect player with the company, i’ll personally put more effort and thought as a player representative, i want to put all of my force. I still lack of the power but i’ll put more effort for everyone in the future, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I’m sorry.

Fuka “With that kind of feeling, we wanted to start facing and running forward with everyone, please give us your support.”

14 June 2015 Single Match : Kato Yu vs Hatsuhinode Kamen

_DSC1170Kato : “I’ll fight at Korakuen Hall again, against this Hatsuhinode Kamen. While i lost against Hinode-san. It has been 3 years since my debut, but i haven’t get my first victory in single match. But with the cross arm that i used a lot, i swear i’ll take hinode (to give up) with that crossarm. Last time when i lost the fight i think a lot, i’ve been studying whatever i can take from Hinode-san, i’m sure the day when i got my first victory is near. Thanks for you support.”

Hatsuhinode : “I won the last fight in Korakuen Hall against Kato but, of course this time too with Hinode move, there are still a lot of Hinode move that wasn’t shown last time, please look forward for it. Then at the venue i hope to be able to do Sunrise Cha cha with everyone. I’m looking forward for it.

Single Match : Hazuki Reo vs Thunder Rosa

_DSC1186Hazuki : “I’ve got a chance to fight Thunder Rosa in Korakuen Hall, that’s something that i always want. Soon it will be 1 year since my debut, i want to be more and more active!”

Rosa : “This chair, is bad, but it doesn’t matter. Korakuen Hall, can’t be helped but to looking forward for it. I get really excited because finally i can beat you, little girl. Since i got here, i saw your face and said “i want to wrestle you”, and finally i can beat you one-on-one. Note this, she is seventeen but i’m gonna beat her. see you at Korakuen Hall, and i hope that pink hair will fall. Oedo-tai, number one. Thanks everyone.”

Special Single Match : Chelsea vs Melissa

_DSC1195*Melissa wil competed from 14 June Korakuen until 26 July Korakuen

Chelsea : “Hi, Stardom fans. 14 June at Korakuen Hall will be my third time. It’s unbelieveable thing, i’m so excited. I’m going up against Melissa and she is very popular here in Japan and also in United States. She is called Future Legend, so it’s an incredible opportunity for me to be able to fight one-on-one against her. She is the one who recommended me to come to Japan. So i want to repay her by beating her to show how much i’ve grown. I want this match to be the best match of the night. Please support me, thank you. I want to give CHELSEA to you.”

Goddess of Stardom : Io Shirai&Iwatani Mayu (c) vs Starfire&Nikki Storm

_DSC1213Iwatani : “Thunder Rock will make it’s first step to make the most title defense record of Goddess of Stardom. Altough it still a long way, Starfire and Nikki Storm are formidable enemy, but right now there is nothing feared by Thunder Rock. Io-san, fly! Wreak a havoc! First defense, let’s win!

Io : “Yosh!”

Iwatani : “Yosh!”

Io : “Stardom Ace, coming from the heaven, I’m Io Shirai. Right now Thunder Rock is goddess of Stardom champion but, actually right now, Iwatani Mayu is going on a good momentum, the condition is good.”

Iwatani : “My condition is good!”

Io : “The condition is good. We just came back from Mexico trip, even when in there Mayu and me too are in a good condition, we have grown dramatically, i’ve watching mayu’s growth and it’s really dramatic. So we created a tag team called Thunder Rock. This time will be the first defense of the title against Nikki Storm and Starfire, even though they’re formidable, there is no way we will lose. We’ll tell you the severity of Japan Stardom, Prepare for that!”

Fire : “Io, Mayu, Get this. Starfire is the best in Mexico. Nikki Storm is the best in Europe.  In the title match this time, we’ll become the tag team champion. Remember that!”

Io : “We’re the best in Japan”

Iwatani : “The best in Japan!”

Nikki : “What are you saying? Nikki Storm is the best in galaxy, Starfire is the best in galaxy too. Before, i lost to you at Korakuen Hall. I admit that. But, Starfire has became High Speed Champion. That’s why this time is the chance to get 2 champions. For me it’s chance to become tag champion and also to get revenge to Io. Don’t underestimate us. After the match, we will raise that belt, and declared that Oedo-tai is the best. That belt, what is it called? Just goddess? Goddess of Stardom? That belt, we’ll change it to Goddess of Galaxy when we got it. Number one! Nikki Storm, Starfire.”

Io : “That’s stupid.”

Nikki : “It’s okay whatever you say, it won’t change the result.  Just say what you want to say. It’s okay Io, It’s okay, because i don’t care.”

Io : “It’s irritating, somehow.”

Nikki : “What? Why?”

Fire : “Why?”

Io : “It’s okay. Just wait for the Korakuen Hall at 14 June.”

Fire : “Yes. Please!”

World of Stardom : Kairi Hojo (c) vs Satomura Meiko (from Sendai girls)


General Manager Fuka is reading message from Satomura.

Satomura : “Recently, i think i’ve stronger. In this way, will Hojo be able to retain the belt? I’ll make her fight for the belt until the limit.”

Hojo : “This time is my 2nd title defense, and it’s against someone who is called Yokozuna of the prowrestling world, Satomura Meiko. Honestly, i really want to do title defense against Satomura Meiko one day, but i never thought it will came this quick, well, i’m surprised. This time, it’s against Meiko-san, and it’s impossible to score an easy win, once, at Kobashi Kenta’s Fortune Dream last year, i was totally defeated. But as i said to Satomura Meiko the other day, Kairi Hojo right now is different, both in spirit technique and body.  It is still less than 2 weeks until the title match, until then, i’m gonna balancing and place importance in my spirit and technique, so i can challenge Satomura Meiko. I understand from watching Satomura Meiko’s match, all of her technique are heavy, it can alter the flow of the match with one shot.  How much i can cope, won’t let her take the flow, what kind of fight it’ll be, My resolution is to make a lot of people watch it. Kairi Hojo won’t lose! Thank you.”

――What is the key thing for that match?

Hojo : “I think the most important thing is balancing between the spirit, technique and body afterall. It’s useless if it’s only physical strength, it’s useless if it’s just strong mind, it’s useless for skill if you’re injured, i’ll need all of that in balance to take on Satomura. And i think Satomura Meiko want to fight someone who is on top of class in all of that, I’ll do all of my best to so i can be on the maximum state.”

Furthermore, it is decided that Starfire will challenge Io Shirai for the Wonder of Stardom title.

Galaxy Stars2015

20th June 2015 Shinkiba 1st Ring

Wonder of Stardom : Shirai Io (c) vs Starfire


Io : 「初防衛戦がさっそく決まりました。相手がスター・ファイヤーということなんですけども、相手に不足なしといった感じですかね。私はこの白いベ ルトを巻いたばかりなんですけども、5月の後楽園ホールで。やっぱりチャンピオンになったからにはですね、この白いベルトをとにかく輝かせたいという思い がすごく強いんですね。ゆくゆくは赤いベルト以上の存在に自分がもっていくということが私の目標なんですけども、その中で防衛戦をたくさんおこなっていき たいというのが目標としてあるんです。それも外国人選手との対決を得意としている私ですので、たくさんいまスターダムにはいろんなガイジン選手が来日して ますので、そいつらを片っ端から防衛戦やってぶっ潰していこうと計画をしています。その一人目がスター・ファイヤーになります。スター・ファイヤー、メキ シコで(赤いベルトの)タイトルマッチやったこともあるけど、オマエさ、私にあこがれてるって言ってたはずだよね。私のアイドルは紫雷イオだってメキシコ で会ったときはうれしそうにハグしてくれたはずなんですけどね、大江戸隊に入っちゃったよね、大江戸隊に。大江戸隊でいいの? 大江戸隊なんかに入らない でさ、もっとスターダムでできることいっぱいあるんじゃないの? 大江戸隊なんかに入ること、私はお勧めしないんだけど。まあその大江戸隊に入ったことを 後悔させてあげるから、20日の新木場、タイトルマッチ正々堂々と闘いましょう」

Fire : 「イオ、その白いベルトは私のためにある。いま、この肩にハイスピードのベルトがあるけど、その白いベルトはもう片方の肩に乗ることにな る。タッグタイトルをニッキーと取って、そのベルトも狙いにいくから。メキシコのルチャリブレがナンバーワンだって証明してやるわ。私がイオが好きだって 言ったって? たしかに言ったわよ。でもいまは私のほうがすごいルチャドーラになったの。オーエドタイに入ったのは、すばらしい外国人レスラーが揃ってい るから。私がイオに勝って、私の選択が間違っていないことを証明するわ。イオはジャパンのナンバーワンかもしれないけど、スター・ファイヤーがメキシコの ナンバーワン。オネガイシマス」

Io : “Mexico versus Japan number one. So, it’s battle between countries. Because it’s country against country confrontation.”

Fire : “Confrontation? Ok, Let’s do this. Perfect!”


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