Update (+Song translation)

Hello, this post will be about some random thought of myself. I got hit up by a lot of problem at the same time for last few months, and this is just some random things.

And i also started to sub segment from Monitoring TV Show on my facebook page, you can check it here > http://facebook.com/dzidolworld/ <, there is also some random clips that i translated too there, please check it out. I also uploaded translation of short video on my twitter.

And for this post, i will also add the translation for this song that kind of pictured how i feel right now. And no, i won’t do suicide, nor i promote suicide with this song. Suicide is bad, period, and this song tells us about what kind of feeling the suicidal people have. It somehow soothe me listening to this song, but if you feel really really bad and in unstable mental condition, please refrain from listening to this song.

I’m just glad that when i’m thinking to do something bad, there is a lot of people that supported me, even if i never meet them in real life, but they supported me. I’m just happy when i have someone to talk to, even though we are not talking about the problem and just talking about some random things, i’m just glad.

Ah, and this website hosting has 2 months left, i don’t know whether i will continue with this or not, but i’ll just wait and see how things unfolded, before making any decision.

And here is the song :
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