Theories of Cicada (Murata Hirona)

2015-08-12 11:38:53 Original Post

There are a lot of trees behind my home

The chirping of Cicada that stopped there is so noisy
But cicada is also a living being

They just want to enjoy their 7 days life to the fullest

So if they just want to say "Minmin" (sound of cicada) then i think it's good.

I heard there are various live of cicada, but if i just live for 7 days, i wonder what would i do.

( ̄▽ ̄)
2016-04-27 19:42:49 Original Post <!--more--> このあいだ、 For the meantime, レプロアスター所属の小学5.6年生とダンスレッスンをしました I was doing dance lesson
This is a translation of Full Chorus just the Hirona part, there is still a
2015-12-31 14:58:56 Original post 2015年も本日で終わりですね 2015 will be ended today. 今年は This year ライブをたくさん、ほんとにたくさんさせていただいた年でしたね There
2015-10-13 00:19:18 Original Post 村田コレクションズ Murata Collections なんてノーマルなタイトルなんだろうか… Somehow it feels like a normal title..
2015-09-20 19:29:48 Original Post こんにちは Hello ブログも頑張れとの声をいただきましたので、 Since i've received a good luck voice from

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