Tokyo Performance Doll Interview ( – 1st Part


Tokyo Performance Doll that performed in "Idolotakarakuji". (Front row from left) : Hamasaki Kaho, Takashima Nana, Jonishi Seira, Sakurai Saki. (Back row from left) Iida Sakurako, Shingu Saki, Kobayashi Anyu, Tachibana Futaba, Waki Akari.


――Please introduce yourself, and tell your charm point in 1 word.

Waki Akari: From Oita、17 years old Waki Akari. My charm point is among Tokyo Performance Doll member, i'm the best with short hair.

Sakurai Saki: From Yamaguchi, 17 years old Sakurai Saki. My charm point is my dimple cheeks when laughing.

Jonishi Seira: From Aichi, 18 years old Jonishi Seira. my charm point is arm. (laugh)

Takashima Nana: From Hyogo, 18 years old leader, Takashima Nana. my charm point is my skin is a bit tanned.

Tachibana Futaba: From Wakayama, 15 years old Tachibana Futaba. My charm point is my "Pattsun Bang".

Kobayashi Anyu: From Shizuoka, 16 years old Kobayashi Anyu. My charm point is, my hair is longest among member, i think.

Hamasaki Kaho: From Fukuoka, 17 years old Hamasaki Kaho. My charm point is my big hand!

Shingu Saki: From Gunma. 16 years old Shingu Saki. My charm point is, currently unvisible, my wide forehead.

Iida Sakurako: From Tokyo, 16 years old Iida Sakurako. My charm point is my "Princess cut".

――You are not yet a regular in this show, but what do you think about this show?

Takashima: Before, i have seen it, that's when UpUpGirls performed. UpUpGirls is one of my personal favourite to perform together, so i'm really happy to be able to perform together.

Kobayashi: I have seen GEM, who also appeared this time, through the broadcast before. At the 6th episode, i want to work even harder to be able to pass the baton of the performer.

――In the regular broadcast, there is some system called "Surviving battle", what do you think?

Takashima: How they decide the rank is still feel a bit complicated for me. Since Tokyo Performance Doll doesn't have experience on it… Honestly, i feels uneasy.

Tachibana : But there is a sense of curiosity. I think it will be interesting, i want to participate!

Kobayashi : That's right, I want to know by current our own.

Takashima : I'll learn something!

Everyone : TV Asahi, Please give us the chance.

――Those that got rank 4 or lower is crying on air, you know?

Everyone : Eh! That seems so harsh.

Tachibana : No, but that's why we want to challenge it. Whatever the result, i want everyone to look at our performance!

――So, please tell me how do you feel when you've decided to perform at the Party Live at 12 March?

Kobayashi : People who performed at the live is so gorgeus. There are also some Idol that we have co-performed before, but it's really like a dream to be able to perform with everyone like this. Also, our 2nd Zepp Tour has been decided through April-May, this time there will be a lot of people watching, if we make them know our existence, i wonder if that will be able to lead them to our future live.

Jonishi : The first time i heard about the title of the live, I thought it isn't a normal live. I thought that the audience will dining while we perform (lol). Since the venue is Roppongi EX Theater, i thought there are some place to sit. (lol)

Takashima : In this "Otarakuji" (Lottery) live, there is also lottery project. I think that's an interesting project. I'm secretly looking forward for it, really secretly.(lol)

Sakurai : There is also Unit Shuffle song contest, isn't there? We're really looking forward for it since the beginning.

Hamasaki : By the way, i'll also appear (at the shuffle unit). I'm really nervous right now (lol). I'll make unit with UpUpGirls's Sekine Azusa and Mamiri's Manami. While i've performed together with UpUpGirls at Taiban, to perform together with Manami this will be the first time. Before this, we had a unit practice for the first time, we had a friendly talk, i'm pleased to get along with her. Manami is doing the choreography together but, our dance genre is bit different, it's difficult to remember. But i'm really excited to be able to show the new side of me, (the practice) was really fun. At first, i didn't really think about "Harmonizing" the song, but suddenly Manami-san said "is it okay to harmonizing?", it is a sudden harmonizing! I'm sure that she has a perfect pitch hearing. I really think she is a great person.

――How is your impression of that Shuffle unit singing Yuki Saito's "Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa" ('86 song)?

Hamasaki : Honestly, i've never heard that song before. But i was told "It's a famous song" by my mother. And then, when i'm looking at the song at video streaming site, i learned that it was a theme song for an anime (Mezon Ikkoku). 80's song incorporated with modern coreography, it's feel like a collaboration between 80's and now, it wil be fun. Because it's different with Tokyo Performance Doll's usual melody, i'm really looking forward to sing.

Shingu : Come to think of it, the other day when i went to karaoke with Kaho, she always put this song.

Hamasaki : Hehehe, so you actually secretly practicing.(lol)

Shingu : Though i knew that Kaho will appear to the unit song, i don't know she'll perform that song, So when she suddenly put that song, "What is this song?" was what i think. But i help her with what can i only do. (lol)


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