Tokyo Performance Doll Interview ( – 2nd Part

The continuation from before.

――I’ll looking forward for the unit performance. In this Party Live, there will be a lot of groups performing, but please tell us about the strength of Tokyo Performance Doll.

Hamasaki Kaho : On our usual live, we are performing for 90 minutes non-stop. Between them, changing clothes is about 30 seconds to 1 minutes, the fastest is 10 seconds, There is also performance with changing clothes outside. Also using accessory in the performance such as lightstick, on that 90 minutes, there are unit song and solo song that matched each one’s personality, we are performing it wholeheartedly. The audiences will feel that it so quick…. and get the feel with a series of performance, that’s kind of live we aim for.

Takashima Nana : Now, that seems a good talk (lol), but there is more. Actually when we’re formed(June 2013),it was planned to do the stage for 1 year. During that time, i’ve been able to match the expression in the song. And that’s not one pattern, we cherish each of the song, i want people that watch us for the first time to know that.

Tachibana Futaba : And during the performance, everyone have a lot of variation moves. Moving from end to end, i think that makes it more attractive and colorful formation.

Sakurai Saki : The debut single “Brand New Story” is less than 4 minutes, but the formation is changed about 30 times.

Kobayashi Anyu : Audience can see us clearly from any seat.

Shingu Saki : There are still a lot of people that don’t know Tokyo Performance Doll, The people that don’t know the name of each of us is a lot too. Our costume is a pure white from top to bottom, and it seems a bit shining, I want everyone to think of Tokyo Performance Doll when looking at pure shining white costume.

――I have watched the PV, not just the performance but the singing too is impressive.

Takashima: (Singing) Teacher was used to say “The voice isn’t from stomach”. Then we’re gradually aware to get the voice from stomach from a lot of practice.

Kobayashi : We’re also sing a song from our predecessor, in the form of re-arrangement. Actually we have more re-arranged song than original song. But, instead of mimicking the voice of our predecessor, we’re trying to sing it with our own style.

――By the way, is there any group that you consider as rival that also performing in this Party live?

Everyone : Nonononono, there isn’t any! (lol)

Takashima:This kind of question always come out, right? (laugh). This time i’ll answer it but i think it won’t be interesting. We’re aware of the other group, but it’s not a rival. Previously in our hosted live “Tokyo Gokyu Live! ~ Senpai, Yoroshikuonegaishimasu” (May ’14), Marimi、GEM, and the other, are visiting and doing taiban as a senior guest, we were learning a lot from them. That was our first time doing taiban with the other group, but we’re learning a lot from them.
For example, Negicco has an encompassing live to people around, Up Up Girls was good at talking and making passionte live. Palet is really beautiful and really cute idol, they have that kind of impression. This time, we’re really looking forward to be able to co-star with everyone.

Iida Sakurako:Because the performance of each of group is different, while learning the good thing i hope we won’t lose.

――When asking the same question to other Idol, there are a lot that said Tokyo Performance Doll’s dance is amazing.

Everyone:Eh? We’re really happy! Is that for real?

Sakurai : We’re less experienced in dance than other idol, though.(lol) Half of us is amateur, there is also member that just learned dance when we’re formed.

Takashima: It makes us happy. It makes us want to do even better.

――If you will give a special gift to fans that come to see your live, what gift you’ll give?

Takashima:We’ll give the towel that we’re using during the live! Ah, but it’s better to wash it first, because there’ll be a lot of sweat. (lol)

――As a leader in behalf of everyone. Please send a message to everyone towards 12 march’s live.

Takashima:Because there are also other group, maybe there are a lot people that will see us for the first time, but, i want to increase the level of TPD by making the live more awesome. So, please come to see the Party Live at 12 March, we’re also looking forward for it.

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