Tsunku♂Full-Scale Project! New Unit “NEXT YOU” Unveiled for the Budokan Drama

At 2016, Tsunku♂ and the team will produce drama with idol unit as the protagonist. The original work is novel titled “Budokan” by Asai Ryo. Tsunku♂ is responsible for the producing of the protagonist idol “NEXT YOU”.

The protagonist, NEXT YOU, will be played by the real idol produced by Tsunku, Juice=Juice. At 27th October, the press conference was held in Saitama’s Heaven Rock Shintoshin. Debuting the song written by Tsunku for NEXT YOU, titled Next is You!, this song scheduled to appear as the 3rd single of Next You in the drama.


During the filming and broadcasting period, they practiced as both Juice=Juice and Next You. Such as the live, handshake meeting, TV appearance, video delivery, it feels like they are really exist. With the cast that active as real idol and producer that is reminiscent, it is a drama that will show a realistic glimpse to the idol world. Fuji TV and SKY PerfecTV! will be work in partnership for this drama and has a lot of plan to make this more realistic.

Next You Self-introduction

  • Character name (chara age) / Real name (Real age)
  • Hidaka Aiko (17 years old) / Miyamoto Karin (16 years old) : “The only amateur here, but i won’t lose to anyone! Have learned to dance before able to walk. Born with singing voice, Born as an idol, I’m Hidaka Aiko!”
  • Dogakiuchi Aoi (17 years old) / Uemura Akari (16 years old) : “Next You’s Center! Always looks cool, but my heart is hot. I’m Dogakiuchi Aoi!”
  • Adachi Mayu (18 years old) / Takagi Sayuki (18 years old) : “The innocent tomboy girl in Next You! If you want to be energetic, get used to Dachimayu. I’m Dachimayu, Adachi Mayu!”
  • Sakamoto Hana (19 years old) / Tomoko Kanazawa (20 years old) : “Next You’s leader, Hana. Born as child actress,  have history of 12 years in this world. I’m Sakamoto Hana.
  • Tsurui Rurika (19 years old) / Yuka Miyazaki (21 years old) : “I’m older but i’m spoiled. Younger sister of Next You. I’m Tsururinko, Tsurui Rurika.”

<Interview to Juice=Juice>

How is your feeling about the drama?

Miyamoto : There will be a performance during the acting、I will do my best to immersed into the role. I’ve entered this idol world since i was a child but this Hidaka Aiko was became Idol as an amateur, even though it’s a different career with me, i want to play it with natural feel.
Uemura : This will be my first experience to play drama, there is still a lot of things that i didn’t know, but i’ll do my best. Please support me.
Takagi : Altough i’m so nervous at first. With the combined forces of 5 of Juice=Juice member, i’ll do my best so the name will be remembered.
Kanazawa : To be able to participate in this large-scale drama project, i’m really happy. Honestly, there are a feel of pressure and anxiety, but i want to go for the shooting with confidence by eliminating all the anxiety until the end.
Miyazaki : During the period of this drama, i became “Tsurui Rurika” rather than Yuka Miyazaki, and i want to live as Tsurui Rurika.

How is the comment from Tsunku?

Miyamoto : When i got the songs and lyrics, somehow my heart becomes warm and i relieved, the song felt so like Tsunku. I want to deliver the performance together with that thought.
Uemura : To be produced by Tsunku after a long time, i’m really happy. Since “Next is You” is filling my rock taste, i will do my best to sing it firmly.
Takagi : When i read the original work of Budokan, there was a number of scene that linked Juice=Juice and Next You. Through the next is you, to hear Tsunku’s comment, i’m more fired up for this drama.
Kanazawa : To be produced by Tsunku after a long time i’m really happy. The song Next is you isn’t just for Next you,it’s also for Juice=Juice, because there is a various feeling coming out, i want a lot of people to hear it.
Miyazaki : I’m very pleased that it will be produced by Tsunku. There was the comment of “Feels stupid” and it feels so like Tsunku. And as a Next You and also as Juice=Juice, i will burst out with all i got.

You played as an Idol in drama, as Next You. Do you have an image of what idols should be doing?

  • Miyamoto : The one who showed oneself dreams to the fan, i think that it is Idol.
  • Uemura : Singing and dancing, and doing anything with passion, with a perfect hairstyle and dress, with a lot of effort in the back, that is the idol image that i embrace.
  • Takagi : I felt when read the “Budokan” original work, i think it would be to cherish the switching on and off.
  • Kanazawa : With high awareness, while pursuing the beautiful performance, by firmly divided the private and idol activities that idol will be able to keep shining.
  • Miyazaki : The selection of hairstyle and fashion always conscious of the fan, such as is the ideal idol.

<Tsunku Comment>

Always thanks for your support, I’m Tsunku.

This time, i have been responsible to producing the 5-members group NEXT YOU for the drama Budokan.
There is also a song that NEXT YOU will sing in the drama, the song title is “Next is you!” and it will also become the theme song of this drama.
In the drama, it’s about a struggle of idol that didn’t sell well at the beginning, to convey the message of “The one who will rule next era is you!”, to those girl so the title is “NExt is You!”. That’s is the meaning behind the title.
The one who played NEXT YOU is also a 5-members idol group, Juice=Juice.
Those girls has actually performed live a lot of strong beat songs.
For the Juice=Juice, refrain from have a feeling of “The next one is you, right!?”, and do thing recklessly, i want the next era will be their own era.
With that said, because it is idol in drama, i have consulted with the drama producer in order to produce “Idol that easy-to-understand in drmaa”, like the costumes and props, also including the choreography that “Have that kind of stupid feeling”, so we can enjoy it together.
I have felt that it will penetrate the big time.
Everyone please enjoy it from various angles.

<Broadcast overview>

  • Title : Budoukan
  • Original Work : “Budokan” by Asai Ryo.
  • Fuji TV Broadcast date : 2016 Saturday Drama frame
  • BS SKY PerfecTV! (Sky Version) Broadcast date : Within one week from saturday drama broadcasting.
  • Episode : 8 Episodes
  • Shooting : Scheduled November-December 2015.
  • Starring : Juice=Juice
  • Production Copyright : Fuji TV SKY PerfecTV! Joint TV



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