Valentine Special (^ ^)

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This is to inform you about magazine again!
I get 2-page in BLT March Issue that will be released at 24th!


It will be great if you check it out

I'm very happy to be featured in many magazine recently

Magazine photoshoot is fun, and i'm happy that fun can be trasmitted to all of you.

ちなみに2月5日発売予定の「BLT U-17 vol.29」にも掲載して頂いてます(*^^*)
By the way, BLT U-17 Vol.29 will be released at 5th February.


Thank you in advance from here!

Source Thanks for always supporting Ebichu. On 8 February Heisei Year 29, Matsuno Rina has
2016-04-06 23:26:44 Original Post 今日ライブでお伝えさせていただきました、 I've announced at today's live わたし川島海荷は、7月をもって9nineの活動を辞めることになりました。 Me, Kawashima Umika, will
2015-03-30 19:16:37 source ひなたちゃん! Hinata-chan! お誕生日おめでとう!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! いつもありがとう! Thanks for everything! また一緒に遊んでね!!!!!!!!! Let's play
2015-03-29 19:54:54 こんばんは! Good evening! 小林歌穂です! Kobayashi Kaho here happybirthdayひなちゃん! happy birthday Hinachan. いつも、振りとか歌とか、困ってたりした時に、教えてくれて、ありがとう!
2015-03-29 00:00:00 Source 全人類のみなさん Everyone, All of the human being,3月29日になりました。 It has been changed to

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