Watanabe Rio (Rioton)

In this post i’ll introduce you to Watanabe Rio, nicknamed Rioton.

Here is her information from LesPros site:
Birthdate : 8 March 2000
Name : Watanabe Rio
Height : 162cm
Hobby : Reading
Special Qualification : Badminton

She has been on LesPros since 2007, then become Babyraids member on 2012.
Before became Babyraids member she has playing 2 movies, [Mimikuri] and [Henachoko Circus]. (Mimikuri is Video works of Tokyo Polytechnic university and Henachoko is Short film).
And also appeared at TRIPLANE’s pv (tomoyo).
Appeared at McDonald and Nishimatsuya CM.
Also become model on some magazine/catalogue.

She was born on Kanagawa, 8 March 2000. Her bloodtype is B. She is recruited by LesPros as Model and Actress before ended up as Idol in Babyraids. She lives with her father, mother, her little brother and 3 cats.

> She was scouted by LesPros at 3rd grade when she is walking home with her mother on Shinagawa Station.
> Have another nickname [Ton-chan] , [Ton]
> Even though she is like halfie, she said she is pure japanese. She said (on her blog), her father has russian face though.
> Sometime speak in Kansai dialect, but nor from Kansai.
> Being a rival with Kiyoku Reia (Idoling!!!30) because they’re classmate. (Also as a friend.)
> Cat-lover (have 3 cats on her home named, “Rivu”,“Razu”,“Tinī”
> Bad at Dance and Sing.
> Favourite Music : Punk and Rock.
> Favourite Artist : 「Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas」, 「THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS」, Shinaringo.
> Favourite Idol : 9nine.
> Favourite novel/manga : “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Slam Dunk”, “Medaka Box”, and “HUNTER × HUNTER”.

When watching Babyraids(live/pv) you’ll notice her, because she is looks like halfie and has a strange aura. And when watching her perform, you’ll see how bad her at dancing. lol (at least she is trying XD)
When you see another member got an energetic moves/dances, she is just moving at her own pace, you’ll understand if you watch it.
She has a special skill , she called it “Janken Fortunetelling”. You can see her do it at 130920 Music Dragon.
She also has strange attitude at handshake event, but because she’s cute at it, it can’t be helped XD

*I’ll add more information later if necessary.. :3

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