What is Tokyo Idol Festival? Part 1

Many of Idol Fans must be aware already about this event called Tokyo Idol Festival. Held for the first time at 2010, this event has become the biggest idol event in the world with 138 idols and 41,282 peoples attending this event last year. With the last year’s worldwide ticket purchase availability, this event can be categorized as International Event.

This event was organized by Tokyo Idol Festival Executive Comittee from 2010 to 2014, before being taken over by Tokyo Idol Project for 2015 event.

This project was proposed for the first time by Kadosawa Seita from Fuji TV, also the ex-producer of Idoling!!! That’s why Idoling!!! was headlining the first TIF, either as performer, MC and such.

Kadosawa said in an interview that he want to spread various idols who have their own specialty, and instead of calling it “Idol Warring Period”, he want it to be called “Idol Diversification Era”. And instead of using Fuji TV organizers, he established “Tokyo Idol Festival Executive Commitee”.

In 24th March 2015, the press conference was held for the introduction of Tokyo Idol Project by Fuji TV, and it was also announced that Tokyo Idol Festival will be organized by them. The conference was attended by following idols : Idoling!!!, Sakura Gakuin, Tokyo Girls Style, Vanilla Beans, Nakano Fujo Sisters, Momoiro Clover and YGA.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2010

Managed by : Tokyo Kyodo

Organized by : Tokyo Idol Festival Executive Commitee

Sponsored by : Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Yoshimoto Prince Theatre, Fuji Television Network.

Date : 7th-8th August 2010.

Venue : Shinagawa


There are 8 stages in Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. Main Stage, Second Stage, Sky Stage, Hall Stage, Event Stage, Greeting Stage, Aqua Stage, Bowling Stage. (Event Stage and Greeting Stage didn’t need ticket).

There are 45 idols participated in Tokyo Idol Festival 2010, with approximately 5,000 peoples attending.

This is the list of the performing idol : Idoling!!!, Sakura Gakuin, Super Girls, Tokyo Girls Style, Tomato n’Pine, Nakano Fujo Sisters, Passpo, Vanilla Beans, Fudanjuku, Momoiro Clover Z, Yoshimoto Gravure Agency, Idol College, Idol School, Anela, Afilia Saga East, Cream, Cocolocolon, Circadian Rhytm, JK21, Shizu kaze, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Jewel Kiss, Starmarie, Dear Stage All Star, D-trance, D-Rive, Techpri, Doki Doki Dream Campus, Natural Point, Bakunyu Koshien, Bakunyu Sangokushi,Bakunyu Sentai Pairanger,Bakunyu Yankee,Pandanekozu (Kari),Bikyaku sentai slender ,pinkish,Hoshi no Otome uta gekidan, HopClub,MaixNao, Minit ia Bears, Mune no tanima ni umore-tai, Momochi Minami,Love Bowlers ,Yangu Gangan,wata ♥ chū.

At this first Tokyo Idol Festival all of the fund is used for the stage equipment and such, and the performers weren’t paid, instead they get a space/booth to sell their goods or doing their own small event.


That’s all about the first Tokyo Idol Festival, will be continued later.

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