Yasumoto Ayaka Article at Nikkei Entertainment Idol Special 2015.

In charge of training and MC growth, sometime the Coolness switch is on!

In the new structure of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, she became number 3 from the top, she is 16 years old Yasumoto Ayaka. Also appointed to train the 2 new members Kobayashi Kaho and Nakayama Riko. Has overcoming many confusing change in different environment, it seems in this 1 year she was able to meet her new self.

2014 was a year of struggle. Previously, Mayama (Rika) and the 3 peoples who had resigned, were the person i asked to tell me many things, but now i’m in charge of training the new members. There was an anxiety, since the 2 new members have become familiar immediately, it was become wheter they have something to teach me too or not.

If i think it now,  it was reversed thet they teached me a lot. If i’m not in charge of training them, maybe the me today won’t exist. I was able to get my position among the 8 members in Ebichu is because i was able to work with confidence and it is thanks to those two. To be able to become my different self, i’m really grateful.

Even at the Live MC, there is a change in position so i can help the members who isn’t speaking. This is a new challenge.

At first I’m afraid of MC time, I didn’t want to talk. There was a time when I think “Why should I do MC?”.  Being crushed by anxiety and nervousness, I was crying when the live ended.

For me the presence of those 3 who had resigned is really big, so it was really painful when they resigned. Mizuki was entering at the same time, (Mizuki) Uno have been my friend since in the Minitia Bears, Nacchan (Anno Natsu) was joining Ebichu and Minitia at the same time with me, we have through a lot together, so i have strong deep feeling with those three.

Even though it was hard not to think about it, I didn’t show it at all, because it will affect the other members as well. There was a chance to talk about what’s next with everyone, but at that time I can’t say my opinion properly, if I really said what I was thinking that time, it wil also affect everyone.

I’m afraid whether I’ll be disliked if I speak, but I’m supposed to say it. The feeling that I can’t say, I think everyone is already know it. But, I didn’t know how is it really.  In the end, I realized that we need to tell honestly. I’m still weak, but from now on, I want to be Ayaka that good at talking.

From October, also starring at the first drama. While enjoying the wider playing field by each year, she has a big dream.

I love theater(stage act). There is not much of this work in Ebichu, so i did this drama seriously.  I want everyone, either Ebichu Family or not, who watched it to think “This kid is interesting”, so the next time i come out in drama again, i will work hard with that goal in mind.  

The dream is the theme song for Ghibli and Kohaku Uta Gassen

In live and music program, i think i want to show my coolness, maybe too hard (lol). I entered cool switch mode.

Radio and Variety show is my biggest chance. But I was easily nervous.,

At November live at Kobe World Hall, I was very nervous when sang the solo song. When I got the chance to do the solo song, there is “Ok, watch it” feeling, also anxiety feeling. It was so complicated with the mix of nervousness and excitement. I want to have Solo in the future. When Mayama got the Solo, I’m happy and also want to do it.

I have 2 dreams. The first one is sing for studio ghibli. Barefooted, whitedress, i want to sing with a fresh image. The other one is i want to star in Asadora(Morning drama).  With me as the Asadora heroine, the theme song will be Ebichu. That will give me an opportunity to be the moderator of Kohaku Uta Gassen, and it will be great if Ebichu can also performing there. But i think Ebichu may appear at Kohaku before Ayaka starring in Asadora. (lol)

Afterall i’m admiring Kohaku (Uta Gassen). Kohaku is being watched by a lot of peoples from Grandma and grandpa to kid. Ebichu is still not famous enough, but i want it to be like SMAP, a national idol that everyone in this country know, i’ll work hard to reach that.  I will go to this 2015 with confidence, and i want to be cooler. I want be extremely cool.

Picture Source : http://sphebichu.tumblr.com/tagged/NikkeiEntIdolSpecial2015

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